The Philippines is one of the most beautiful places or not come and there are many ways of exploring it. In this article, we will focus on how to do it on a motorcycle, and we will share the advantages and benefits of touring the Philippines on a motorcycle. So, let's get started!

Saves money

There's no question in the fact that travelling on a motorcycle is much more frugal and economical compared to driving around with a car, or renting a car at the destination. Both of these are much more cost intensive in terms of fuel expenses, another additional charges deposit and maintenance cost that you will have to pay upfront. If you already have a motorcycle, all you need to do is invest in the best quality motorcycle riding gear such as a premium branded motorcycle helmet, a motorcycle jacket, boots and clubs - and you're all set! even if you do a very basic calculation, the most economical car will demand at least 3 times more fuel to cover the same distance. Granted that you will have the additional peace of mind and cover against the weather, but do you really need it? If the weather is perfectly fine and you have planned that tour to the Philippines during the pleasant spring season, motorcycling is a much better way of exploring the destinations and connecting closely with nature. Sometimes when you are travelling by car, you get into a comfort zone you don't want to stop at any place to explore it, which completely defeats the purpose of going on a tour.

Gets you places cars can’t get

There are many restrictions with travelling throughout the Philippines on a car. Don't get us wrong, there are definite advantages of going the car route, but you can definitely appreciate the fact that there will be places and destinations that will prevent you from reaching it if you are on a car. When you are on a motorcycle, a lot of different places open up completely easily even if they are approachable only by a narrow path, or through unpaved roadways. In addition to that, if you have to replace the motorcycle with a train or a boat, you don't have to worry much about leaving it behind because it is much safer to park and protect a motorcycle against theft compared to a car which draws more attention. you can also leave the motorcycle behind parked safely at the hotel parking lot come and take local modes of communication to explore the localities in and around the place you are staying at.

Plan fast, act fast

Using motorcycle to explore the Philippines give you the freedom of planning at the last moment and executing it fast without worrying about additional expenses and things you have to plan beforehand. it is quite possible to plan the night before and hop on your motorcycle the next morning and be on your way to the destination! Also, when you're riding alone on a motorcycle you don't have to worry about anybody else pulling you back from making spur of the moment decisions about exploring unscheduled destination if it makes monetary sense to you.

Less hassles

Exploring on a motorcycle also means worrying about less hassles compared to other modes of transportation. Like we mentioned above, replacing a motorcycle with any other alternative is quite simple because you don't have to worry about protecting the motorcycle as much as you need to protect a car. Motorcycles can be easily parked in small spaces, which might not be feasible at all with a car. So now, you can ride the motorcycle till the end of the ride until you have to change the mode of transportation.

Let’s you connect deeply with the experience

When you're on a motorcycle, you are one with nature! Compared to being inside a car, that completely shield you from the outside, a motorcycle that's you feel the air on your face, smell the fragrances, hear the sounds more clearly - and have a memorable experience that you simply cannot have with anything else.

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