Recruitment agencies are companies that help organizations meet their hiring or staffing needs. The summarized list of top 5 recruitment agencies below has a good understanding of Vietnam job markets. All recruiters below offer all types of Recruitment, HR, HR Outsourcing, and Recruiting for clients across the globe. Most of these agencies have a dedicated and experienced team of recruiters from various career fields, excellent customer service with a high rate of successful placements, and an extensive network of contracted companies.

Shelby Global

Founded in 2012, Shelby Global is a recruitment and hr management consulting firm that has established itself as a significant player in supporting startups and companies in digital transformation (internet, e-commerce, marketing digital, mobile, software). Pioneer in all types of innovative human resource and labor solutions, the Shelby Global teams have developed incomparable expertise in all innovative practices (social networks, blogs, video, big data, ai, chatbot, etc.) applied to hunting processes, recruitment, and hr management.

Navigos Search

Created in 2003, Navigos Search has succeeded in conquering this headhunting market by building up an address book of more than 150,000 profiles and numerous partner companies. In contact with innovative startups and major players in this sector and companies in the traditional sector on transformation issues, Navigos Search provides quality service to help companies meet their needs in competent human resources.

NIC Global Sourcing JSC

Established in 2002, the firm has established itself as one of the most renowned recruitment agencies in Vietnam. With 18 years of experience in talent acquisition, the company aims to meet the talent acquisition needs of both domestic and multinational companies in Vietnam.

Adecco Vietnam

Adecco Vietnam is a recruitment firm specializing in offering top-class human resource solutions in Vietnam. With their exclusive tools and processes, the firm secures the most sensitive recruitments by evaluating the talents of candidates.

Manpower Vietnam

Manpower Vietnam was founded in 2008 and is considered a pioneer in systematic recruitment in Vietnam. The roots of their management consulting allow them to bring their own approach to recruitment. With over 12 years of market experience, the company offers a variety of recruitment services that leverage domain knowledge. These services include manager search, senior and middle management recruitment, global sourcing, market analysis, recruitment process outsourcing, and career transition services. Manpower Vietnam has developed expertise in various industry segments such as FMCG, retail, technology, telecommunications, financial services, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, aerospace, automotive, and consumer durables.

Conclusion: So, if you are looking for a recruitment agency, choose any of above. As they are the best recruitment agencies.

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Shelby Management Solutions is a professionally structured organization that engages in offering highly acclaimed management solutions which includes Recruitment, Training & Development & HR Consulting.