I was on the internet the other day having a little read, you know what it’s like. You start reading something, click a link to something else and then for the next 30 min you are going link to link reading about various different things!

Well during one of these sessions I stumbled across something which I wanted to share with you.

I am really interested in longevity and study the topic a lot, it's all to do with living longer.

The information I found was written by a nurse about the top 5 regrets people make on their deathbed.

It may sound a bit morbid but surely we can learn something from this, to help ourselves.

The moment when the people know that their time is up.

They experience a variety of different emotions, including acceptance.

This is when they can be as honest and truthful as they want about their life.

So I’ll do a quick run through of the top 5 REGRETS people have on their deathbed:

1. I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.

2. I wish I didn’t work so hard

3. I wish I’d had the courage to express my feelings.

4. I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends

5. I wish that I had let myself be happier

It was said that number 1 was the most common.

When people realised their time was up their main regret was thinking about all of the dreams and plans that have gone unfulfilled.

It is important that you chase your dreams.

When your health goes downhill it is often too late to do what you want, so follow your dreams.

In the article the nurse said:

‘Health brings a freedom very few realise, until they no longer have it’

Enough said.

Number 2 on the list is no surprise, lots of us work too hard, myself included.

Many people can’t switch off from work even when they are at home.

This has a negative effect on their health and their life in general.

We all need a job but it is important to try and keep it separate from your family/social life.

The other 3 reasons I think are very important.

Too many people bottle up their feelings until it’s too late, doing this can harm your health.

Friendship is important and don’t let your true friends slip away because things get in the way.

And be happy of course.

I know a lot of people who take life too serious (I have fallen into that one too).

Allowing a little time to relax and have fun is wonderfully refreshing.

I know not a very nice subject but I think it is a very important one.

No matter what age you are it’s not too late to change things.

When you retire, they say you will do more of the things you enjoyed before retirement.

If you ENJOY eating badly, drinking heavily and not doing any exercise You WILL DO MORE of that when you retire.

Think on this for a second.

Thanks for reading,

Rich Clarke

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