Let’s get one thing straight: resume writing isn’t easy. In fact, it’s pretty hard when you think about it. There are so many different rules to follow and so many possibilities to make a job-costing mistake. In order to really make sure your resume is spot on, here are 4 handy tips to follow that might just get you your next job offer:

1.Use a resume writing service

If you just aren’t cut out to write your resume, that’s okay. Really, not everyone should write their own resumes if they aren’t great at English or just aren’t good at summarizing their experiences and work history. Professional resume writing services help you do your resume, sort of like a tax accountant would help you do your taxes. So if you need help, don’t be afraid to conduct a simple Google search and find yourself some professional help. Those that are too confident to do so end up losing out.

2.Use strong action verbs

Often times the strength of your bullet points are defined by how strongly you start them. Strong bullet points that showcase you as a leader begins with assertive action verbs like, “managed,” “cultivated,” and “created,” whereas weak bullet points that reveal you to be more of a follower uses verbs like, “helped,” “worked with,” and “assisted.” To show the interviewer reading your resume that you really have what it takes for the job, you’ll want to use the more assertive action verbs available in your arsenal because that is what will really impress them in the end.

3.Use a modernized resume template

Don’t write your resume without the help of a template. There are many awesome looking templates online you can choose from that will allow you to separate yourself from your competition. One of the biggest mistakes you can really make is going with a standard resume template that hiring managers are sick and tired of reading. This is your chance to innovate and show hiring managers that you are willing to go above and beyond what everyone else is willing to do.

4.Don’t use pronouns

Don’t use personal pronouns on your resume. It’s a huge no-no that hiring managers hate. So when you read over your resume and find yourself using words like “I,” and “me,” delete them. The reason why personal pronouns are bad is that it’s implied that you are referring to yourself. Admittedly, it can be awkward sometimes not including pronouns, but it’s just something you got to get used to.

5.Don’t go over three pages

Hiring managers skim your resume, and many of them spend less than a minute reading the entire thing. With so many other applicants out there, they don’t have the time to read a long resume. Instead, they want things kept nice and short, so that should really be a goal of yours. If you find yourself with a resume over three pages, then you know it’s time to trim away.

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