Magento has come up with some new trends for the developers this year and here are the top 5 ruling ones shared by an expert developer of a leading Magento development company


Due to the consistently increasing and the immense popularity of the eCommerce industry, some of the technologies like Magento have been consistently coping-up with the advancements and emerging trends. Implementing and making the best use of these ruling trends always help developers to end up with the best online shopping sites. With the eCommerce industry that is expected to hit trillions of dollars in 2021, you definitely cannot afford to miss out these Magento trends for the success of your business. And a reliable and reputable Magento development company is what you need to look for to get these trends utilised in the right way. 


So, here’s the list of the hottest Magento trends in 2021. 


Live streaming:

The live-streaming trend is the most promising ones in the list of Magento trends. Considering the high impact of audiovisuals, this eCommerce platform has started incorporating this trend of providing a demo of the products via live-broadcast on the website and social media platforms. It’s because of the pandemic crisis situation that has pushed the top brands to adopt these trends. 


Adding live videos for products on the store can drive more traffic as these audiovisuals can give more clarity about the products and service offerings. 


Push notifications:

Push notification trend can give your online store nearly 90 per cent higher opening rate. Yes, it’s true. This means, you just cannot undermine this Magento development trend when you want to attract the maximum number of customers. Sending out attractive notifications about great offers, exciting deals, promotions, and discounts can bring more shoppers towards your store and these notifications can be easily pushed with this amazing Magento trend. 


Voice search:

This voice search feature has completely taken away the eCommerce market storm. This feature has greatly contributed to the enhanced online shopping experience. With this voice-enabled search option, the shoppers no longer will have to type the preferred words to find their desired products. 



Chatbots is also one of the latest Magento trends that are going to stay for years to come as well. With AI, advanced technology in the market now, chatbots have become extremely useful for predicting future customer purchases. Chatbots can easily assess a customer’s purchasing behaviour by simply checking the previous purchase history of the same customer. Apart from text and voice, this trend also displays video tutorials, high-quality images, product-related blogs, web pages, and more. 


As nearly 83 per cent of the customers want to go ahead with a little assistance with their purchases, a store must always offer them a customer-friendly chatbot. Hence, if the customers need information on any product or purchase, then he or she can instantly get help from chatbots. 



Today, personalisation has become one of the key factors for maximum customer retention. This is because customers favour offers and recommendations. The new version of the platform that’s Magento 2 comes with in-built features to ease out personalisation and segmentation. And due to the introduction of technologies like AI and chatbots, Magento stores can now be made to offer products as per the customers’ preferences. 


With the ever-changing advancements and dynamics of this eCommerce market, it has become imperative to stay abreast with top-notch Magento development using these latest trends. Implementing these is the only way now to get an upper-edge in the competitive online market.

Author's Bio: 

Jonathan Paul is the most skilled eCommerce developer of a leading Magento development company in Australia, PHPProgrammers. The author has written this article to unbox the top Magento eCommerce development trends of this year for the developers.