Social media is constantly evolving with new social platforms, algorithm updates, new policies, changing user preferences and technology disruptions. To stay ahead of the game, it's imperative for marketers to keep a tab on emerging trends across the entire social ecosystem. After a tumultuous 2018 that witnessed various allegations of user data misuse and fake accounts, many are wondering how things will take shape in 2019. To get a glimpse of the future, let's take a look at top 5 social media trends for 2019.

Video content: According to a leading social media marketing agency in Delhi, video content will overtake text content and become the preferred mode of consumption for social media users. Video content is set to rule the majority of social platforms across mobile devices and PCs. Brands cannot ignore the growing relevance of video content, as it plays a significant role in brand promotion and sales.

Social e-commerce: Likes on social media are always welcome, but brands are not satisfied by that alone. A social media marketing company in Delhi has revealed that many of its clients now want the likes to be converted into sales. Social e-commerce has already picked up pace in recent years and it will continue to grow in 2019. Brands will have to focus on creating trustworthy and engaging content, so that they can increase sales via their social channels.

AI-driven interactions: A social media project recently completed by a digital marketing company in Delhi involved the use of AI to resolve common customer queries. It has been shown through research that a significant percentage of customers are looking for very basic information that can be supplied by AI systems. AI is growing in its capabilities and it's presence on social media will continue to increase in 2019.

Personalized experiences: Even with the ongoing debate over sharing of personal data, experts feel that personalized experiences benefit both users and brands. Research done by a social media marketing agency in Delhi shows that many users prefer personalized experiences, even though they have expressed their concerns about sharing their private data on social platforms. With adequate safeguards, personalized experiences will witness an uptrend in 2019.

Paid media: Social ad budgets are on the rise and this trend will continue in 2019. As per data available with a social media marketing company in Delhi, organic reach is declining. This is prompting brands to increase their social ad spends. However, creativity and focused targeting will still be important for brands to achieve their social goals.

These evolving social media trends present both challenges and opportunities for brands. Marketers who can respond quickly and effectively will have a better chance of achievingtheir social media goals.

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