The loft conversion is a great way to add more room to your home and make it more spacious and convenient to live in. You can utilize it in various ways like all you are going to do is storing the coming Christmas decoration material and in addition to that you can store the various boxes that you had it under or bed or anywhere else. There are many benefits of creating the loft conversion brighton but making it can be really expensive and complicated. Before you take a step forward of creating the one you need to know few things to make the task hustle free and simple. Here are the few top things about the loft conversion

1. Loft Conversion Type
When you are going to move in creating the conversion for your home, make sure to know the conversion type that you choose because this will create a big difference to your budget. If you want to keep the price low because of your low budget, you can choose the simple conversion that use your current space in the loft without creating the roof out. If you want to go for a higher budget, you can go for the Mansard Conversion that is the most expensive conversion till today. As it uses the whole length of your house and completely change the look of your house and make it more vertical to see. You can ask for more conversion types and search about it on your own and then choose the one that fits to your budget.

2.Planning Permission is Required
As we know we all are allowed and have the planning permission to build the house. It’s a development rule that contains the built-in allowance of the house. But we have to make sure that the building of the conversion covers only a particular amount that can be extended outside the original building. If you are covering a lot of amount outside the building for the conversion, you need to take the planning permission for that. Planning permission contains only a particular area of you home so make sure to take the permission if you are going beyond.

3.Satisfying the Building Regulations
In the most cases, you don’t always need planning permission because people do not cover usually that much space outside their house. So, instead of the planning permission most people focus on the building regulations as this can affect only the loft space itself. You just need to satisfy the building regulations as some homes do not have the fire exit door, you might need to have new fire doors fitted not only just to the loft but other rooms too.

4.Satisfying the Ceiling Height
For the construction of the loft conversion, you will need to meet the conversion required height. For the conversion you will need to have the minimum distance between the roof and the ceiling and that distance is 2.2m at the tallest part. If in any case your conversion doesn’t meet the minimum height, you need to minimize the height of the floor or need to change the roof and ultimately both the tasks cost you a lot of money. You can measure the height on your own so that you can get an initial idea of the height and if it comes out to be low of the standard height you can hire the professional immediately to get an advice for the same.

5.Shared Walls
If you have a house that joints to your neighbour’s house, in that case you need to get a party hall agreement with your neighbour before going for the construction because that wall affects them either because you share the same wall. This agreement is basically the official agreement that too from your neighbour that they are either happy for you to do work on the wall that joins their home. As this is the best way to settle down the things early instead of creating issue after you have started the conversion.

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