Love is undoubtedly the most important aspect of any relationship. but it is not enough by itself, to become trusted and good, loving, caring partner for life, both of you have to put in considerable time and effort. so now I write for some tips for the better relationship, must read all of them and make your relation better and long time.

Under his/her anger

While outbursts of anger are common even in the healthy relationship when anger becomes and entrenched part of you couple life, you should be conceded sue Johnson, master therapist, and pioneer of emotion-focused therapy an empirically validated treatment for the distressed relationship. Refers to anger as a secondary emotion her theory holds that other, such as sadness abandoned, can be found behind an angry front. Think back to the last argument you had with your partner and use this new knowledge to look for hidden messages in what you and your partner were each trying to communicate. Attempting to disregard the angry tone you both used and trying to tune in to what you were each really trying to say will help you to see that you both have needs in your relationship that make sense. For instance

Enjoy a steady diet of sex.

if you want to maintain closeness with you man, get out of your head and into bed, guys feel more comfortable connecting with women on a physical level. not engaging in deep discussions to strengthen your bond, approach your lust life as you would your gym regimen. make it part of your routine. set a goal to have sex at least a couple times a week.

Understand, accept and appreciate.

make sure you put in the time and effort to got it your partner. know what the other person likes to do, and also keep in mind that presences and priorities change, accept your partner the way he/she and appreciate their actions. you should know that what is mood of your partner now.
according to David Richo, he says, we do not tell a birch tree to look like an elm, we face it with no agenda, only appreciation he relationship work the same way, in a true relationship. accept your partner with all of his positive and negative qualities.

Accept the unsolvable

Unfortunately, according to relationship scientist John gottman, 69% of relationship conflict are persistent problems special in Young generation, meaning they revolve around issues that tent to resurface no matter how long you've been together. if you find a problem seems to call up painful emotions, you're looking at one that persistent.

so please to stop this trouble from ruining your relationship because relationship is a very sweet thing. take turns discussing with your partner what this loaded issue really means to you, when your partner is talking your job is to listening her,for keep good relationship.

Relationship come with ups & downs.

Don't expect to be happy all the time day and night, be open to disappointments, too and use them as an opportunity to know your partner better, this is specially relevant for long distance relationship as lack of physical presence increase friction.

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