Planning to go on a trip after Philippines? It is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and that is why people from all around the world come here to explore the beautiful nature and multiple things that make Philippines one of the most visited please for both motorcycle tourists, and people who choose to go the traditional way. With that in mind, if you were planning to explore the Philippines on a motorcycle, here are five safety tips to help you ride safely on the streets of the Philippines.

  1. Don’t just trust the rear-view mirrors
  2. You definitely need to have a rearview mirror in order to check the traffic conditions behind you, but just don't trust entirely on the rearview mirrors because there is definitely a blind spot on either side of your shoulder and a vehicle sitting there will not be visible on the rearview mirror, which means you will have to turn your head to check physically before making a Lane change or any other direction change decision. If you do not have a rear-view mirror on the motorcycle yet, it might be time to install new ones on it immediately.

  3. Two fingers on the brake, always
  4. Many people forget the most essential tip of keeping two fingers on the break of the vehicle. In certain breaking conditions, you do not have enough time to move the fingers from the handlebar to the black levels in time, which is why it pays to be prepared at all times- and the only way you can do that is by keeping two fingers hovering over the brake levels consistently. If this is entirely new to you, start practicing it before hand and do it as long as you need to feel natural with your fingers on the brake levers. A common problem with many other writers is that they're completely distracted with the conditions on the road end they do not observe anything that might suddenly appear in front of them, which makes it even more difficult to move the fingers on top of the brakes in time, but if you have two fingers on top of the level at all times- you don't have to think about moving them all you need to do is just take action!

  5. Have enough power but make judicious use
  6. In order to explore the Philippines, you need a motorcycle that is more powerful than your normal commuter motorcycle. However, just having a lot of power in between your legs does not mean that you will race everything, alright above the designated speed limits. Keep the motorcycle speed limits within the applicable speed limits, because in the Philippines route laws are strictly enforced and there are speed trap cameras everywhere- something you do not want to be caught in, because you can easily attract steep fines which will mess up with your traveling budget. Speaking of penalties, always make sure to wear the best quality premium motorcycle helmet, ideally a full-face helmet while going on a long-distance road trip in the Philippines.

  7. Ride with all the gears
  8. In addition to the premium motorcycle helmet, you also need all other necessary motorcycle riding accessories such as jackets and boots to keep the entire body completely protected against the dangers on the road. Depending upon the weather conditions, you may choose a letter hand glove, or a fabric breathable mesh material hand glove to stay comfortable as well as protected at all times.

  9. Anticipate others to make mistakes
  10. While riding on public roads, always anticipate others to make mistakes. Unfortunately, that is not what happens when a motorcyclist rides with a nonchalant attitude and takes unnecessary risks of jumping in front of the traffic expecting them to break hard and save them! Being on the motorcycle, the motorcycle rider is completely exposed to the dangers of the road- which means the onus of staying safe falls completely on the shoulder of the motorcyclist rather than on other motorists. So be prepared to take necessary action and compensate for mistakes made by four-wheeler drivers rather than expecting them to protect you.

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I am an avid rider proud of the miles on my odometer! When I am not hitting the highways, I can't stop myself for sharing the traveling things and the best places where every traveler must go. Over the last 8 years, I have also written on safety topics such as the safest motorcycle helmet for men and women and riding safety gears, as well on other aspects of road safety.