A wedding is always a grand affair for everyone. It is the biggest occasion in anyone's life.
A life changing event!!
Well, it's not every day you get married. You can't forget your wedding day.
With every passing year, a new trend came to existence. Apart from bridal dress and photoshoots, there are also many activities you can add to your wedding to enhance the entertainment of your guests.
If you are planning to get married this year then you should know about the new Trends in Indian Wedding.
Don't worry, we got your back!
We, Bless Our Wedding is the Best Wedding Planner in India offering you the list of Top 5 Trends in Indian Wedding, take a look:
• Destination Wedding
India is a country where you can find an amazing location for a wedding. Several natural and artificial locations are there in India where someone can happily organize their wedding party.
In the present time, private wedding halls and municipal mandaps are outdated and Resorts, beaches and Mahals are taking their place. Some of the most popular destinations in India are Goa, Kerala, Jaipur, Hyderabad and Hill stations of the North.
• No Formality
If you remember the old days, in the wedding you have invited everyone from the town and family to maintain your prestige. But today, the new generation exactly knows who is important for them. They invite the closed one who is important to be in the wedding ceremony. They believe cost-effective weddings.
• Eco-friendly Theme
There is a new trend in which you have to set up the mandap outdoors and keep it all natural and floral arrangements and tree decorations. You don't have to use any plastic products which can harm our environment.
• Pre-wedding Photoshoot
The pre-wedding shoot is in great hype. Every couple wants to have a pre-wedding photo shoot. It is now becoming a modern ritual where couples come together and get this journey to their marriage captured in fun themes.
• Bridal Trends
This is an on-going phase where brides are evolving and their taste for the fashion is also evolving. New Fashion trends like no makeup look, bright colored lehenga, sneakers and wearing shorts.

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