Human beings are social in nature. You don’t live your life individually because you are meant to connect with other people. Thus, communication is an important aspect of a human being. People naturally like to connect with one another and to the environment.

Hearing, therefore, is a vital means which helps you in the process of communicating with other people. You cannot deny the fact that you are exposed to different sounds every day. It can be sounds of traffic, voices of people around you, birds chirping, the rustling of leaves, sound of water dripping, attending a phone call, or a favorite song.

Whether you are tucked in your bed, traveling at work, lounging on the sofa or idly looking out of the window, hearing becomes essential in all situations. These sounds and rhythms enrich your life and make it fuller.

Moreover, our sense of hearing also enables us to work, socialize, and relax. It helps keep us away from danger and leads us to safety by providing better awareness of the environment and alerting us of any form of threat.

Therefore, it is essential that you have a good hearing because it allows you to live and participate in life fully without limitations. Thus, you must not neglect proper care and maintenance of your ears. It is advisable to have an annual checkup with an Audiologist to ensure the health of your ears. It is also good to eat healthy food and do some ear exercises.

Why Should You Do Some Ear Exercise Activities?

Some of you might be wondering whether you can do exercises for your ears or not. Well, let me tell you there are many benefits you can get by doing ear exercises. Because parts of your brain and your ears are responsible for hearing, you need to protect them from sensory deprivation.

Hearing loss or sensory deprivation occurs when you can’t listen to a full range of sounds. If you are slowly experiencing that condition, you should make a move to counter it. Doing ear exercises or activities that can improve your hearing can change the possibility of a hearing loss.

Practical Ear Exercise Activities You Can Do

There is no need to go to the gym every day, lift weights, do some pushups, or even break a sweat just doing a daily ear workout. You can do these activities outside or inside the comfort of your home. Moreover, these ear exercise activities are advisable not just to people who are already suffering hearing loss, but to people who want to prevent it.

When you are already using hearing aids, there is no guarantee that your hearing will heal completely. You still need to make an effort on your part to do some ear exercises, so your hearing will improve better.

Meditation Is A Thing

Meditation doesn’t just help you relax, but it also improves concentration which is beneficial for your hearing. There are many ways to meditate and places where you can improve your focus.

Perhaps the most convenient way to meditate is to sit quietly in a comfortable and relaxing position, slowly close your eyes and breathe deeply. While doing so, focus on the sound of your breathing and the other sounds you can recognize around.

You can do this activity in a park, other public areas, or at home where different sounds will surround you. By deciphering sounds in noisy environments and pinpointing the location of each sound can soothe you and enhance your concentration.

Daily Dosage of Cardio

A study suggests that as people get old, their ability to hear is connected to their heart’s condition. There is a connection between your cardiovascular health and your hearing. Doing cardio increases blood flow to your brain and body.

Such increase in circulation can help your hearing function well. Maintaining your cardiovascular fitness contributes to heightened neural integrity in the outer hair cells of the cochlea. Also, people who ensure a healthy heart limits the damage to hearing from prolonged noise exposure.

To enhance your cardiovascular health, you can do bicycling, walking, and swimming for at least thirty minutes to one hour a day, four to five days per week. The older you are, the more important it is to increase your cardiovascular exercises.

Do An Hour of Yoga

People practice yoga for the variety of health benefits one can get from it. Usually, there is a connection between yoga and relaxation. However, it doesn’t stop there. Doing yoga exercises can also help with your hearing.

While doing yoga, you can increase circulation in your brain and ear. Besides, increased circulation can remove toxins and harmful things from our body as well as enhance nerve functions. There are various poses you can make use of such as cobra pose, lotus pose, triangle pose, and tree pose.

A Combination of Brain Games

Keeping your ears and mind fit can have excellent health benefits. Studies have shown that brain games are a good way to rehabilitate and improve listening ability in noise. When you exercise your ears by playing mind games, you keep a part of your brain in shape.

Moreover, you can have fun playing games while training your ears. However, if brain games don’t interest you, you can listen to audiobooks to keep your ears and brain working. Listening intently to an audio tape while following along in a hard copy of the book is a challenge and a necessity for your health.

Beneficial Home Activities

Though brain games are fun, you can also do activities that can improve your hearing at home. You can practice having a conversation in a noisy environment by turning on the television or radio to a normal volume. The aim here is for you to focus on the conversation while tuning out all other sounds from the television or radio.

On the other hand, you can do active listening exercise if you don’t have someone to converse with. Find a particular place to sit or stand while closing your eyes. While doing so, try to identify as many sounds in your surrounding as you can. After determining each, isolate each one and concentrate your attention on it.


Your hearing is one of the most important senses you have. As social beings, you are innately expected to interact and communicate with other people and your environment. Thus, hearing is crucial in doing so.

Often, you tend to forget its importance and set aside the need to keep it safe and healthy. However, it is never too late to start doing things to maintain your healthy ears. You can do hearing exercises and other activities that can improve your hearing such as yoga and meditation.

Another benefit you can get from consistently using your ears is the ability to notice areas where you struggle to hear. Knowing those parts with an issue, you can easily address it and bring these to the attention of your Audiologist and see if adjustments can be made to improve your hearing.

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Marilyn Schorn-Bellows is a Gainesville GA Audiologist and an ongoing hearing care professional in Michigan. As a member of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, she conducts small-scale seminars to raise awareness to people regarding the importance of staying healthy at all times. Moreover, she also writes blogs about hearing, Gainesville GA hearing aids, and other topics on Audiology.