The footwear design is one of the most essential parts of your wedding trousseau. In fact, without the shoe, your entire attire would be left incomplete. Like, neither can you reach out for the rest of the glow, nor for the best of glow nor change it with some absolutely gorgeous makeup.

What you can change about the look, is most supposedly the choice of a good and endeavouring piece of footwear design. That is exactly, why we have curated a fine list with some of the best wedding shoes for brides.

Perfect Kitten Heels

Now, kitten heels are a really debated piece of shoe. Like, some people love this idea of a little heel below their fancy sandal. WHite some do not feel comfortable in it, and wearing down the aisles.

I would highly suggest a kitten heel for those brides who actually prefer this one out. These shoes are little and perfectly fine for petite feet. A favourite heel size, for already very tall girls; as it happens to elevate the bride for the big day without piercing through her attire.

Elegant Block Heels

Block heels are always a comfortable and most loved piece of Heel. Like, you wouldn’t find a single woman who absolutely hates the concept of blocks down her feet. The heel shape, and size falls perfectly well in place for walking and in terms of comfort.

When the block heel is worn by the bride, she is never oblivious of the gorgeous colours that follow. To be honest this is the safest footwear option, especially when someone is planning to buy a good heel for their wedding ceremony.

Golden Stilletos or Pencil Heel

Stilletos is a favourite to some, while the most hated shoe design for many. Like, there are many women who hate wearing stilettos even for the simplest events. If it is about the wedding ceremony, no one takes it as a mere consideration too. Like, the hard pencil heel hurts the feet and that is the main reason behind people hating this to such a huge extent.

Some brands like Sreeleathers actually has some great options for stilettos too. You can choose the one which suits your comfort zone, or simply do not opt for a pencil heel that is from this particular genre.

Sturdy Colorful Wedge Heels

Wedges are a short girls paradise. The heel is quite tall, and the woman wearing it usually feels the height right after she has put it on. In fact, wedges are my personal favourite too. The long sturdy heel of the shoe is significantly impressive and fashionable too.

The design is not just favourable for the big day, but also a really good preference for people who like simple heels. The simplicity of the design is the main attraction. Preferably, this is a particular style suit weel with red, black, purple, brown, pastels, and even with some other subtle shades.

Tiny Crispy Heel for the Bride

This is not necessarily a heel, but a sandal that has a tiny little heel surrounded by the foot. People who are not quite fond of heels but prefer sandal shoes would love this design. The design is short, and the crusty heel is nevertheless very comfortable too.

Like, you do not actually have to worry about wearing a long heel and the shortness of the shoe is already quite popular for brides in India and other South-Asian countries. Bridal shoes like these, are preferably in the pastel colour range.

These shoes are not just for brides but are exclusively perfect for almost every woman out there. You can choose a shoe or footwear according to your personal preference, and that is perfect for you.

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