Weddings are exciting. Seeing your friend or a family member walk up the aisle and finally marry the person they love the most is a wonderful experience. But what gift should you give the happy couple? Thinking of what gift to buy especially for a couple can be overwhelming. You will have to think of something that will make them both happy.

To help you out, I’ve gathered 5 of the best wedding gift ideas.

  1. Money. This might be impersonal and uncreative but money is actually one of the gifts most couple would welcome. A wedding is expensive and would take a lot of the couple’s savings. A monetary gift is helpful for them to start their new life together to buy the things that they want. Most young couples are saving for something big such as; a house, a car, or a dream travel destination. Your gift may not be as creative as others but the couple will be grateful and remember it for their lifetime.
  2. An Expensive Item in Their Wedding Registry. Often, the most expensive gift on the wedding registry are the couple’s dream gift. If it’s outside your budget, you can organize other guests like your group of friends, co-workers, or family members to chip in to buy that item for the couple. For sure it will be one of the most memorable gifts they will receive as you are making their dream come true. And yes, some couple dream about high-end kitchen appliances or a front loader washing machine.
  3. Personalized Items. Surprised the couple with items that has their last name, initials, or wedding date. The list can be endless such as: pillow case, slippers, mugs, or picture frame. If you are an artist, why not use that talent to make a portrait of them. They will be glad to display it in their house.  
  4. Cookbook. This is very useful especially for young couple as they start to live together. Most newly wives only know few recipes and learning new ones are helpful for the both of them. Deciding what to eat on a daily basis is actually one of the early challenges new couples lack cooking skills and a good cookbook will give first-class guidance.
  5. Make their Honeymoon Extra Sweet. If you happen to know the honeymoon destination of the couple and you’ve been there, you can use your knowledge to get them a gift certificate for the best restaurant or book an day trip to a special local attraction. You can also upgrade their plane ticket to first class or tuck some pocket money inside a guidebook of the area.

A wedding is a happy occasion and perhaps the best gift you could give the couple is one that money can’t buy is your time and presence on their most special day along with a wish that they may live a happy and peaceful life for as long as they live.

Author's Bio: 

Isabella Whitmore is happily married with her loving husband and is a mother of two. She enjoys writing about life, family, and home improvement. She writes for an appliance website with wide selection of electric kettles.