What has our beautiful world come to, society is becoming more and more depressed and stressed, and options for treatment are getting more and more expensive with little or no promise for improvement in our mental health. There are also a number of myths that we need to clear up so that we don't run around thinking things that aren't necessarily true when it comes to our mental health, that being said let's go!

Myth #1: People Who Battle Mental Health Issues Are Unintelligent

Boy was it difficult for me to keep my focus on something and remember something during my days with anxiety disorders, I fought the idea that I was stupid and unintelligent day after day and I'm glad that I did, because it was never true. On the surface it looks as if we who battle mental health issues are quite cognitively challenged, but in my experience many are incredibly creative and brilliant, and our imagination that is driven by fear is second to none.

Myth #2: Avoiding a Social Interaction Means You Are "Anti-Social"

Many people with social anxiety have very deep feelings for other people, but due to the reluctancy they have to get involved in some social interactions are quickly labeled as 'anti-social.' Nothing could be farther than the truth during my years with social anxiety, in those days I battled depression and shyness everyday and my social anxiety had glimpses of hope where I would step out of my comfort zone, and 'take a chance' to try and connect with a fellow human, even though the fear of rejection and anxiety symptoms pulsated through my entire body. This was usually followed by some sort of disappointment on my part to keep the conversation flowing, but deep down I knew I wanted more, more close relationships and a circle of friends I could turn to, and know many others feel the same way I did.

Myth #3: You Will Never Get Better If mental Health Is A Problem For you

You won't believe the amount of emails I get from people telling me this one, mainly due to their immediate friends or family members who are just plain confused and frustrated and just don't know how to go about their loved ones anxiety disorder, depression, agoraphobia etc, and support group of health care professionals that push coping techniques and medication down their throats for months with little or no success. Don't get me wrong, today's pharmaceutical treatments are better then they've ever been, I just know that it shouldn't be the first line of treatments when dealing with mental health as it commonly is, or in the top 5 for that matter. Once the root of the problem is tackled, a new set of beliefs are conditioned in the proper way, and patience is built up through the momentum you are gaining, then recovery is right around the corner.

Myth #4: If You Are Dealing With Mental Health You Are Unstable And Should Be Locked Up.

Ah yes the stereotypical portrayals of those violent and crazy 'mentally ill' people. The majority of people battling their mental health issues are actually non violent, and crimes of violent nature are rarely committed by people trying to recovery from their mental health. Through a series of natural proven treatment plans someone who has the determination and patience to overcome their issues concerning mental health, can in fact get on the road to recovery quickly and again live tremendously fulfilling lives, take myself as an example of this type of turnaround.

Myth #5: As part of the support group for someone with a mental health problem, I am useless and can't provide any kind of help.

A friend of mine by the name of Michael did one of the smartest things anyone could do during his struggle with hypochondria and generalized anxiety disorder. Frustrated by the constant failure from his closest family members to understand his issues, he took a walk to the closest book store and bought the whole family a book on Hypochondria, as well as how generalized anxiety disorder develops and persists. If you buy a program online for example on overcoming issues related to mental health, I truly believe that a good support team must be present and knowledgable on the road to recovery, at least for the first little while. What pushed Michael to get his family educated about his anxiety disorder stemmed from the fact that he grew tired of the constant comforting one liners such as 'you'll get over it' or 'learn to suck it up.' Much of the confusion about what the sufferer is going through will also be put to rest for friends and families, and if they truly care... they'll take the time to become knowledgable which will then lead to a much greater understanding, as well as an incredibly valuable tool on the road to recovery.

Myth #6: The 'Fight or Flight' response is built in to us and can not be switched off.

This is the bodies natural reaction to a threatening or stressful event, and just as many other fears can be turned off, so can your fight or flight response when your 'internal car alarm' goes off when unnecessary. Studies show that the sudden release of stress hormones are the main cause of the bodily sensations that people with Panic Disorder experience almost daily. Your pupils dilate resulting in better sight, your muscles become stronger to fight back or to run faster if needed. At the height of my panic disorder I was told I may have to cope in these times of panic attack terror, and that was the best I could do because there was no off switch. I later realized that desensitization from our fears that cause panic attacks is possible, and as our generalized anxiety levels drop so do our fears and ultimately our panic disorder all together.

I hope these thoughts about mental health myths help us build a higher level of understanding, as well as confidence if in fact you are currently trying to overcome your own mental health issues. When knowledge is applied it brings momentum, momentum that drives you towards your true reality, and that is that no matter how bad your case may look right now, many just like myself have felt similar pain to what you may be experiencing, and have come out on the other side grateful and joyful once again, and so will you.

Author's Bio: 

I lost great relationships with people due to my increasing anxiety levels during social interactions and my fears of being judged wrongly by people, I went completely broke and in debt due to the limited time I could put into my career as a professional tennis player and my panic attacks led me to the emergency on a regular basis. With 36 different pills and powders in my cabinet as well as a failed attempt to try every miracle cure on the market, I took matters into my own hands and came up with a natural plan to end my mental health problems, now I live an incredible and grateful life and the time has come to share my secrets with the world.