Here's an analogy about relationships: they can be like cars. Most of the time, a successful partnership will progress at a steady rate, sometimes reaching exciting top speeds, at other times cruising gently. But along the way, there will be hazards, ranging from potholes nudging the vehicle off course for a while, to unexpected collisions. It doesn't matter whether you met your partner in a singles bar or by connecting in the virtual environment of a dating site like this, the route to true love can be fraught with obstacles. Here are six common dating challenges, and how these can be overcome.

Taking your connection from an online to an offline setting

One of the most traumatic events faced by any couple who met through Internet dating is when their relationship transitions from a virtual to a real-life one. It can be so easy to chat online, and people often feel so much more comfortable in the online environment and compelled to open their hearts to their potential partner. There is no reason why this intensity of communication shouldn't readily transfer to an offline situation. When you meet face-to-face, just relax, and pick up the conversations you've already been having.

So you've fallen for somebody in the workplace?

Falling for a co-worker can be awkward. Many office romance has been kindled in the heady atmosphere of the Christmas party, or during a weekend teambuilding event. A lot of these will fizzle out in embarrassment when Monday comes around again, but some will persist. Should you try and disguise your passion from colleagues in case it should jeopardize team dynamics? Or should you be upfront? What if the company has strict rules against this sort of liaison? That latter point is all-important, but if you're happy with each other, establish ground rules – and be mature about things if the relationship falters.

Your relationship isn't an island

Every relationship will face challenges at some point. But a crucial point to keep in mind is the fact you are not the first and certainly won't be the last couple to be in this situation. Take advice from friends who have been through similar situations. How did their relationship progress? There is also a wealth of handy advice to be gleaned from Internet resources.

When should secrets be divulged?

Trust lies at the heart of any relationship, but you might be faced with a predicament if you feel there are certain things you are not ready to share with your partner. Early in a relationship, there might be an argument about withholding certain information until you've made more of a connection. Perhaps you don't need to blurt out the truth about addiction issues or a criminal conviction on your first date night. But every secret must eventually be broached. Far from seeing you in a lesser light, these confessions will strengthen the bond your loved one feels for you.

Keeping the books balanced

Managing your finances might not be the most glamorous aspect of any relationship, but it is certainly one of the most crucial. Never keep financial problems from each other, and the best way to surmount any awkward issues is to keep everything in the open. Joint bank accounts are always a more preferable idea, allowing you to accept equal responsibility.

How to cope when you're separated by distance

A major challenge for any relationship occurs when you find yourselves kept apart, through work, study or family commitments. Communication is key. Stipulate a particular time of day when you will agree to phone, text, or even better, place Skype calls.

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