With exams knocking at the door, nothing can make students more anxious than an unexpected class test. Examinations are the career-building blocks for the students especially the ones in high school. After receiving an excellent grade high schools students then move forward to pursue a college degree on the subject of their choice. But to do so and get admission to a reputed educational institute it is necessary to score well on boards. Understanding the necessity of studying, best school in gurgaon try to shape the students’ future right from the bud. Students are not only given adequate guidance but these schools also offer some of the studying tips that will enable students to score well in the exams.

Creating a study guide

Before thinking about scoring good marks in examination, it is important to plan the first step i.e. creating a study time table. So before planning to start studying a plan must be set and the major part of it must focus on challenges faced. While studying for an exam students must base their goal based on their previous performance on various subjects. But if a student is studying for a standardized test, then practicing or taking a diagnostic test can prove effective. Students must set their goals so they can easily set their routine based on the ways to achieve it. Every student has a certain weakness, for example, a student can have poor knowledge in mathematics or English. So he/she can majorly focus on these subjects but with the inclusion of their most like subjects in the routine. Besides, it is also necessary to have a designated time of the day dedicated to studying, because students often remain tired after attending school and coaching classes.

A suitable study ambiance

Selecting a study spot is often a crucial part of a study session as noises can create a distraction. So it is necessary to create an ideal study environment having a quiet ambiance. Also, the spot must have sufficient bright light which is perfect for studying as dim lights can often cause sleepiness. The room temperature also matters because a sweaty hot climate can be suffocating, while chilling cold can disrupt the minds of the students. Some students also get anxious by watching the clock so it is best to remove it so that students can study with ease.

Going for handwritten notes

Age-old advice tells that reading and writing simultaneously can enhance memory skills. There has been a strong connection between writing down notes and then memorizing it. So, if a student is stuck at memorizing a formula or a chemical composition, they can write it down for a couple of times and miraculously it will get stored in the memory. Several top school in gurgaon thus practice this methodology from an early stage so that students become pro in taking down notes in the classroom and can quickly memorize it. Studies reveal that students who write down handwritten notes often score well than those who type notes during a lecture. It is seen that by writing down notes, the cognitive process enables the brain to slow down and interpret what is written so that it can recollect it when needed.

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