Congratulations! You gave birth to your beautiful baby, and you can experience joy and pain of feeding. Up to six to eight weeks after birth, your doctor will probably keep you fit for normal activity, and after you have found time between feeding, diaper changing, and sleep, you can return to your daily routine through exercises. Start and go at your own pace. Here are the 6 exercise tips to keep in mind for breastfeeding moms:

Exercise will not change the taste of milk

Some older women are wary of excessive exercise because milk is acidic and does not feed the baby. It turns out that there is a probability for a truth. Studies have shown that lactic acid levels in breast milk increase significantly up to 90 minutes after maximum exercise, which may have a negative effect on the milk taste. The good news is that such a rise in lactic acid levels does not occur after moderate activity. As long as you maintain your aerobic exercise at 80% of your maximum heart rate, your baby will not notice the difference. Since you can sweat while taking it, be sure to bathe or at least wipe your nipples, or you may taste salty!

As always, your breast milk is nutritious - even after exercise

Studies show that breastfeeding alone, babies who exercise regularly, become as strong as those whose mothers sit. It seems that these immune boosters in breast milk do not even change the moderate movement. Another study showed that women who had 30 minutes of moderate aerobic activity three times a week had the same amount of immunosuppressant compounds in breast milk as those who did not exercise, and not surprisingly, women had higher cardiovascular fitness.

Low impact activities are great

Since your ligaments are licked up to four months after birth and your body need to recover after having a baby, you will begin to get active slowly. Start with 10-15 minutes of cardiovascular activity from small spills such as swimming, walking or cross trainer, and increasing by 5 minutes at a time is a good plan. Keep your heart rate at 80% or less than the maximum (220 minus age). Energize for at least 10 minutes to restore strength and muscle tone to the muscles most affected by pregnancy. There are even some basic exercises that you can do during breastfeeding by helping your mom get sicker and healthier while breastfeeding!

Exercise will not affect your milk supply

As long as you eat healthily, exercise should not affect your milk supply. Your body burns about 500 calories a day to produce the milk your baby needs. If you work out a lot, you need to make up for the extra calories.

Take care of your breasts

Painful and cracked nipples are usually a problem in the early stages of treatment. If you have a baby's teeth, you may end up having sore nipples because the latch is not right, says Rodriguez-Moser. She recommends raising the nipple bra with the breastplate. Similarly, if you have problems like a jet (yeast infection in the nipple), a sweaty bra can contribute to dissipation. Remember: Change your active bra immediately after exercise to allow your skin to breathe. Another helpful advice is to wear an active bra that prevents the growth of bacteria that cause the odor by keeping your bra cool.

Skip exercises that exert pressure on the chest when in the abdomen or putting pressure on the upper body. Just lower the weight on the machine and let the women sit on the seat. If you use lightweight, you do not have to attach it to the device, and you can add extra reps to get an equally effective workout. "

When Can You Start Working Out After You Have Your Baby?

If you have had a straightforward routine delivery, you can start practicing for a few days. But if you have an episiotomy or c-section, you have to wait for your body to recover.

If you are still ill after childbirth, have heavy bleeding, or have chest infections, do not start exercising. Before you start the postpartum exercise program, you should always talk to your doctor. Your doctor will let you know when it is safe to work under your particular circumstances.

Exercise with balanced nutrition is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. Mild to moderate physical activity is safe and useful for breastfeeding and does not affect the amount, taste or composition of breast milk. So, if you're wondering how to add exercise to your daily routine after giving birth to your child, you should know the following about breastfeeding and how you can do it.

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