You don’t need to be in the dark about the basics of your health. It should always be at your fingertips. You should have all the information about your health at your fingertips for easy reference.

Well, since you are not a medical practitioner or want to practice self-medication and face its dire consequences, why is it imperative that you know your health status always?

In this article, I will discuss six main reasons why your health status should not be kept somewhere in a doctor’s office but in your memory as well.

You can make informed decision

You make decisions daily. Some decisions can have a temporary impact on you while some can have a permanent impact. A good understanding of your health status will help you to make the right decision whenever you have to.
For instance, if you understand that your blood type is AS, that will affect the choice of your marriage mate. To avoid the chances of having kids with the deadly SS blood type, you will avoid potential marriage mates with AS blood type too. That will save you from having to deal with children with Sickle Cell health challenge with the potential economic impact on the family.

You will be accountable for your health

Some people engage in activities that can have a negative impact on their health. Out of ignorance, they don’t consider such activities as harmful as it truly is. If you are diabetic, the knowledge will be useful in selecting what you eat and what you stay clear off.
When talking about the importance of knowing your blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar numbers always, the Michigan State University Extension wrote that the knowledge of the numbers will help individuals to take practical steps that will help them prevent exposure to diabetes, heart disease, and some health concerns.

You can easily correct any deviation

Sometimes, you may find yourself deviating from what is healthful. When that happens, you quickly make any necessary adjustment to have your health on the right track. How will you know whether you are deviating from what is healthful or not? A good knowledge of your health status. If you don’t know what you are allergic to, staying away from them is impossible. That may result in a health challenge that may require an urgent medical alert.

It gives you peace of mind

In the world that is filled with many health concerns, people worry excessively about their health status. They want to know whether they are at the risk of a deadly disease or not. If you have such concerns over your health, it may result in different health concerns such as undue anxiety and stress.
However, if you know your health status, such needless worries and anxieties are automatically eliminated. That will give you peace of mind.
Wikipedia sheds more light on this by defining inner peace as a way of achieving mental peace by leveraging your knowledge and understanding of what you can do to be happy regardless of what you are going through. The key words here are understanding and knowledge.”When you are conscious of your health condition, you will understand what you can do to keep yourself strong no matter what you are going through.
That’s a recipe for peace of mind.

You will be healthy

Knowing your health status is crucial to being healthy. Your health status will determine what you eat, what exercise you can engage in, and the best lifestyle that will suit your health.

If you live in conformity with those things, your health will not be compromised, but fortified.

You will live longer

Ignorance about their health has cost many people their lives. They lived their lives in disregard of what is healthy for them and what is not. The death of Lisa Colagrossi, a New York City TV journalist and an Emmy-nominated news anchor is a proof of the sudden death that may result from lack of knowledge about one’s health.

Since prevention, they say, is better than cure, knowing your health status will save you from many unpleasant health challenges. So, it is imperative that you know your health status now.

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