Wedding photographers are artists as well as businessmen. You need to understand them before hiring them. Because some of them are so good at advertising themselves that you will be convinced and some of them are super talented but hardly can advertise themselves. Let’s take a look about six things you need to know about a photographer before hiring –

1.Talent, Passion, and Experience
2.Type of clients he worked for
3.Type of his terms and conditions
4.Wedding themes he captured
5.Packages and offers
6.Distance from the venue

Talent, Passion & Experience:
These three words are a must for any photographer. In some rare cases, talent and passion override the experience. How do you check if these three things are present in any photographer or not. Check his previous folders or albums of marriage. Check as many raw pictures as possible. It will give you the idea of his frame sense and talent. See edited photos, as much as possible. See the difference between edited and real ones. This will give the idea of experience and passion.

Type of clients he worked for:
Clients keep the business growing. Check out the clients’ profile for whom the photographer worked before. Verify your social and economic status with them. If the photographer has ever worked with high profile clients’ keep him on the top of the list. Because they will show you more professionalism than others.

Type of his terms and conditions:
In general professional photographers are very true to their words and their terms and conditions will be crystal clear to you. You should read each and every term very carefully so that you can compare one photographer with another. After reading the terms and conditions of a good one you will feel the difference between a pro and novice photographer very well.

Wedding themes he captured:
Do you have any theme to follow in your wedding? Share it with your photographer. Ask him if he captured any themes like yours before. See that album, try to find similarity with your imagination. Compare between availability and expectations. You will not only find the perfect photographer for it but also you will have a guy with previous experience of your desired theme of the wedding on your team.

Packages and others:
You should know very well about the packages he can offer. You have certain expectations and he has certain things to offer. Ask if you need to customize a few things like shooting hour, a number of cameras, etc.

Please note that if you are running low on budget you should know about packages and offers at the very first place.

Distance from the venue:
Are you planning a destination wedding? You need to select your wedding photographer near the venue. If the photographer is from far away from the location, you need to discuss with him about the transportation expenses.

According to LOS Angeles, Photography and Videography organization Cinestoryfilms wedding photographer needs to understand his client before the shoot. It is also true for the clients if a client can easily communicate with the photographer the photography will be fun.

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