Have you heard of some spicy and difficult stories about mother in law from your friends? No? Consider yourself lucky.
If you are a mother in law and find it difficult to get along with your daughter in law, what, in your opinion, are the possible reasons?
We wouldn’t go into the reasons for the quarrels, rather suggest ways to get rid of them.
Here are the top 6 ways of making your daughter in law your own daughter:

Treat Her As Your Own Daughter

One of the most ingenious ways of building a strong relationship with your daughter in law is to treat her as your own daughter. Do you remember how you used to teach your daughter each and everything with utmost love? Now is the time to do the same.

The environment of a house depends greatly on your daughter in law, so even if she is making some mistakes, give her some time and advice to make her feel comfortable.
Your daughter-in-law is the girl you have envisioned for your son, and now it’s your responsibility to make her feel at home.

Give Her Surprise Gifts

Nothing can make a relationship stronger than exchanging gifts with each other. You may love giving gifts to your parents, friends, husbands, wife, but have you ever thought about giving daughter in law gifts to enhance love?
Gifts are not only meant to be exchanged on a specific occasion. You can surprise your family’s newcomer with a
cool and demanding present.

Accept Her Flaws And Respect Her Opinion

Can anyone be perfect? Surely not. A mistake can be expected from anyone, and especially from a daughter in law because she has come from a different family. God knows what sort of family traditions she was taught and how it’s different from your family traditions.
Moreover, coming to a new family takes a lot of courage, and as a mother in law, you should play your part to make things better for all of you. It’s a general perception that in-laws don’t give a damn about their daughter in law’s opinion.
How about you change this trend and respect her opinion? It will surely do good not only to your daughter in law but your family as well.

Resect Her Privacy

Every mother in law desires to have a beautiful relationship with her daughter in law, right? However, one needs to respect the daughter in law’s privacy to keep the relationship alive.
Nobody wants anyone to interfere in his/her personal matters, and this is something we all see in daughter in law and mother-in-law relationship. Make sure you give her some space and keep some of her matter private.
One more thing – make her the master of her own decisions. This way, you can win her heart over and over again, and she’ll respect you from the bottom of her heart.

Be Involved And Trustworthy

Do you know the key factor that is involved in building a strong relationship? It’s the trust factor. As a mother in law, give you daughter in law all the confidence in the world and ignore her little mistakes.
Once you start offering your support – a day will come when she will ask you for expert advice, and that’s the way of living a happy and satisfying life. Make sure you start asking for her opinion on important family matters.
This will make her feel happy, and she’ll think that she’s valuable not for her husband but for the entire

Spend Quality Time With Her

Mother and daughters-in-law spend most of their time together if they are working women. As a mother in law, never shy away from surprising your daughter in law. How about someday you make a cup of coffee and visit her in her room?

This will make your daughter in law feel over the moon, and it’ll certainly make you more valuable and respectable in front of her.
Rather than staying in separate rooms, how about you watch television together and have some chit chat?
Mother and daughter in law relationship are considered one of the complex relationships, but with love and care, you can make it as charming as possible.
The aforementioned tips will help make your daughter in law your own daughter.

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