Agile software development is a software development methodology which focuses on an iterative process, where cross-functional teams collaborate to produce better solutions. Agile frameworks are unique techniques or methods in the development following agile principles. There are various popular agile frameworks having their own features and best practices. Different businesses use them according to their specific needs. While you are choosing the agile framework, you must know the list of agile frameworks with its features. Hence here we came with the top 7 agile frameworks to help you choose the best one. Let us see each one in detail.

Top 7 Agile Frameworks-
1. Kanban-
It is a popular project management framework. Kanban focuses on workflow visualization and signifies work in progress (WIP), allowing it to efficiently adapt it to the team’s capacity. Kanban helps to manage the throughput of a process by identifying bottlenecks, setting ‘Work In Progress’ limits and showing the status of entire production system with single view. When a job is completed, the team will move on to the following file in the pipeline. It results in, implementation process allowing for more planning flexibility, quicker delivery, consistent priorities and accountability. Kanban has no standard approaches within a method and fixed repetitions like other frameworks. Even a small bug can be fixed by the framework immediately. The framework works fine even after the release of a developed product.

This framework visualizes the workflow using Kanban Board. Generally, whiteboards or sticky notes represent the board.
There is a card for each work in Kanban, hence each team member can see who is accountable for which work and when he/she is supposed to complete his/her work.
Team members can ease the communication by attaching screenshots or documents, leave comments or provide links.
Teams can trace colleague’s works and help them in finding problems.
2. Extreme Programming-

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