GRATITUDE is a quality of being "thankful" where one is ready to show deep appreciation and return genuine kindness.
There are several aspects to gratitude. First, gratitude is the recognition of the value of something whether it is big or small. That value comes in many forms like a subjective assessment of money, beauty, or success. Second, the feeling of "thankfulness" comes from your heart which is a gateway to a direct connection with your personal spirit or creator. This connection is advantageous because one has gained access to infinite creative power. That universal power gently lures you out of the competitive mentality and lovingly nudges you into a creative mindset which handles life (and business) situations more effectively. And thirdly, gratitude remains a choice. As human beings, we have to choose to utilize what is openly available to us.


USING gratitude to increase success in your business is a spiritual approach. It may sound a bit far-fetched. However, it is a useful strategy. The reader is encouraged to keep an open mind and experience the following suggestions for at least 21 straight days. After the specified period, decide whether this method has any merit. Implement each opportunity privately, alone, and thoughtfully.

1. Give thanks for things already successful in your business: Each morning or evening take about 15-25 minutes to do this exercise. Place your hand over your heart and take five to ten slow breaths. While calmly breathing, write down at least fifteen positive things that are going well in your business. Explain in one or two sentences why they are important to you and give thanks.

2. Thank all your past and present clients and customers: Do this even if you currently don't have any. Thank them for choosing you to do business with. Also, describe desirable qualities you appreciate about your clients or customers for example cooperation, friendliness and willingness to pay full price. Mentally and/or verbally thank them and sincerely mean it.

3. Thank all the individuals in and around your business: This includes your employees, delivery persons, landlords, and accountants. Recognize these men and women serve a direct or indirect purpose in your business. Thank them for their helpfulness, punctuality or any other traits you appreciate. They, in turn, will pick up on this vibe and reciprocate it unconsciously.

4. Thank yourself: Acknowledge you have valuable talents, skills, or service that others need or want. Pick out one to three ways your qualities and traits enhance your client's lives. For example, you help customers look attractive, feel healthier or provide a sense of peace after an extensive consultation. Declare your gifts even if it sounds awkward. The awkwardness will pass with frequent repetition.

5. Thank your income and profits: Thank your money because it listens. This may sound strange or even laughable. But money is energy. It can either serve you or be against you. Therefore, maintain positive thoughts and speech about money because financial success is necessary for any business.

6. Thank challenging situations or people in your business: Problems are indicators or messengers demanding your attention. It has to be addressed without judgment. Giving thanks in those circumstances is the acknowledgment and acceptance of it. This may not look or sound easy. However, you are apt to respond to and manage the situation more effectively with a neutral or inventive disposition instead of a reactive one. The issue is not going to be "fixed" as you see fit. However, gratitude will shift the energy holistically benefiting everyone involved. The side of effect of eliminating potentially negative situations is it makes room for more prosperity in your business on an energetic level. And that is worth pursuing.

7. Be grateful in between the business days: Gratitude is neither a one-time isolated event nor an exercise completed once and forgotten about for the rest of the day. This is a lifetime practice. Find something to be grateful when you are engaged in ordinary or routine activities like taking a shower, waiting in line, driving to work, or even balancing your checkbook. Baby steps reap tremendous rewards!

In summary,gratitude is a valid spiritual approach to increasing and sustaining success in your business. It places the business person in a commanding and creative position to bring more of what they want while diffusing potentially negative obstacles. Additionally, gratitude is a state of being. And it is a necessary habit that must be developed and maintained to receive continuous benefits. Give gratitude a chance in your business today!

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