Everything in this world is determined by the demand’ that helps you to drive the supply chain and the service industry, whereas the demand-supply ratio is also perfect for the world economy and a deciding factor for the price point of the service. So, every product which sells and service offer is a result of its demand. Therefore, same goes for the taxi industry, where the demand for the taxi app built because people need to go from one place to another. So, if the demand is the only case, then what can be on-demand taxi solution? In simple term, it actually helps you improving the quality of an existing service to the degree, which you can offer it on demand, then it becomes an on-demand service.

Below are the given features for taxi booking app:
Built-in module to collect fees from the drivers:
It is necessary to pay the driver in cashless installments by using driver’s credit cards. So, as an admin, you are allowed to make rules of your own, such as how much fees you would collect from the drivers and how and when you would do it. So, all you need to do’ is to create multiple subscriptions and select the billing cycle. Then the system will handle the rest of the process and collects payments automatically. Hence, the driver will be easily able to access his current balance, top up features, subscription details, and list of transactions.
Smart Analytical Tools
If you want to analyze know’ how your drivers are performing, then you can certainly, seek the help of technology for this matter because technology will help you get the necessary numbers and can also analyze them as per the business requirement. Therefore, this will also help you to improve transparency, reward meritocracy, and your business. Besides, you will be able to track orders, missed orders, and assigned orders, and so on.
In-app Payments
Payment in cash is outdated, so the apps similar to Uber provide the facility of in-app payment option, which makes the payment process easy and convenient. So, having a fully compliant payment gateway is the way to go forward if you need a Taxi App Solutions. Therefore, the integrated payment methods help the customer for making the process of payment automated. Moreover, you can even pay the driver using this method because this helps the passenger to provide exact change during payments. So, integrating an app payment method in your taxi app gives you multiple payment options like credit and debit cards, cash, and e-wallets.
There are numerous reasons for having a proper process of authorization, such as for online payments and other details like driver’s name, contact details profile, license plate number, etc. Besides, it also helps you giving rating and reviews, which makes the smooth communication between driver and customer and can easily share or see each other contact details.
Fare Calculator
Be it in any country or the world’ passengers arguing with the taxi drivers at the end of a ride is so common, and this can be minimized’ if the rate card is there. Therefore, fare calculator will help the passengers to give an estimate. Besides, it also helps to avoid the confusion and arguments between the passenger and the drivers.
No business can prosper without a valuable rating or feedback from the customers. So, your app should have a feature of rating and review because this will help the passenger to give honest feedback towards your services. Additionally, it will also help you to improve your business and learn about the loopholes or other weak areas in the business.
Taxi Tracker
Given feature, helps to know the user to check the live status of the booked cab as well as the live status of the journey, which can gain the user experience and get updated with live traffic and can also help to make the assumption of arrival at the drop location.
So, for wrapping up these are some significant features, for apps like Uber.

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