Tokyo has been a dynamic city for its visitors because of its so many exciting things. Here are some of the things you must do on your visit to Tokyo prefecture.


You can enjoy local tours thereby trying Magic trip. They have organizations that are experienced in providing guided tours such as barhopping, sumo tours, and even cultural sightseeing. There is no doubt in it that you will learn much more on guided tours.


In go-karting, you dress up like your favorite character and drive a go-kart around the Tokyo streets which is the coolest thing you can do in Tokyo. Driving a tiny go-kart amongst buses, cars, and trucks, is the most enjoyable thing you can do.

It’s such a beautiful experience when you drive through shrines, busy crossings, and residential neighborhoods, people wave, stare you and sometimes take photos of you.

Go-kart is easy to drive but you must have international driving permission for that so you should make sure you have one before leaving your country.


Ginza is the magnificent shopping market in Tokyo, you can get many luxurious brands there and if you do not need to buy anything from there, you must visit this most luxurious shopping market in the world. When you will visit it, you would not be able to resist yourself buying from the Uniqlo which is 12 floors high!



This temple is one of the most traditional temples which is in Asakusa for Buddhists. You will find old wooden shops there. This red color temple is always much crowded because it never gets closed for visitors. They can freely go there whenever they want but some facilities such as the main hall of the temple and shops at Nakamise street are closed at night.


Robot restaurant of Shinjuku is a very unique restaurant that you will find one of the kind dining experiences there which is nowhere else in the world. The design of the building will make you feel like you are in an alien country, it is decorated with bright neon lights and mirrors. You will see the crazy shows there with robots, female performers, weird props, dragon, ninjas, creepy clowns, guitarists on swings, blue-haired dancers, and loud music. These shows are worth the visit.


Rainbow bridge is a huge suspension bridge that connects Tokyo to an entertainment island. Walking over this rainbow bridge is such a wonderful experience because you can see beautiful views of Tokyo Skyline. If you walk at the time of sunset you will see spectacular views of day and night.


This theme park is placed in Urayasu, Chiba Prefecture, Japan, just outside Tokyo. It is not like other Disney parks in the world, but it is the more classic Disney park with much-loved rides, fairytale castle, and splash mountains. If you want to enjoy your vacations, must visit and make your time worth spending.

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