The importance of breakfast to your body is worth every effort to make it as healthy as possible. Well, as you already know, this is the meal that keeps you super active to conquer your day.

Here are top rated seven healthy breakfast recipes with lots of nutrients and great flavours that will keep you wanting to bite more. Read on to make your breakfast yummy and healthy.

1. Orange Cranberry Zucchini Bread Recipe

If you need a healthy and quick breakfast that you can eat as you move along, a batch of nutritious zucchini bread together with a dollop of low-fat sour cream is a great breakfast recipe. The rich and delicious taste of zucchini bread makes this recipe a good kick off breakfast for your day.

2. Spinach and Feta Breakfast Wrap

This breakfast recipe will give you the impression of a Greek omelette in a wrap. It is an easy hand-held breakfast which brings fresh spinach, black olives, salty feta cheese together with some scrambled eggs in a whole wheat tortilla. Besides having iron and protein-rich breakfast from this recipe, you will also enjoy a boost of fiber from the whole wheat tortilla.

3. The Ultimate Smoked Salmon Bagel

This is yet another excellent recipe for your breakfast with an indulging texture and taste. The Ultimate Smoked Salmon Bagel is a satisfying breakfast recipe that is packed with protein. Capers and the low-calorie red onions spice up this recipe with colours that will trigger cravings. Whole grain bagels crown the fiber requirement of your body with this breakfast sandwich.

4. Oatmeal Pumpkin Muffins

Another sumptuous breakfast recipe that wouldn't glue you to the table to enjoy it is Oatmeal pumpkin muffins with a touch of sunflower seeds. One unique ingredient that makes this recipe truly the bomb is canned pumpkin which is loaded with iron and vitamin A. And vegetarians won't have a thing to worry about with this recipe since there is enough protein from sunflower seeds.

5. Vanilla Citrus Fruit Salad

The tart and sweet chunks of grapefruits, orange, and pineapple make another juicy recipe, especially when vanilla flavouring is added. Probably you never knew that citrus and pineapple goes very well and makes a sweet but simple fruit salad especially with the sweet and floral flavour of vanilla. If you need something really fast for your guest or brunch, this easy-to-whip fruit salad will make a great breakfast.

6. Blueberry Vanilla Quinoa Bowl

Core vegetarians will cherish this so much. This healthy breakfast is super tasty and good for anyone, especially as it comes with lots of plant-based protein. Combining vanilla and blueberry together makes a nutritious morning meal, and the nutty flavour from quinoa keeps this recipe really yummy and rich. This is one of my best vegetarian breakfast you should check out.

7. Honey Apple Toast Recipe

Bringing whole grain bread, thinly sliced apple, part skims ricotta cheese, together with some light sprinkle of honey creates a delicious breakfast sandwich which is packed with vitamins and protein. You'll love this quick and healthy breakfast that comes with apple cheesecake flavour to start and make a great day.

Take Away

Here, you have lots of delicious healthy breakfast varieties to make every day great. Whether it is a pure fruit salad, scrambled egg breakfast or an open-face sandwich, there is something for you to enjoy.

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