Java is one of the most popular programming languages and finds its place in a variety of uses. It’s simple enough to be picked up by anyone. Java is an in-demand skill that most employers are on the lookout for. Let’s not let the cat out of the bag so soon! Through this article, we wish to give you five reasons why you should learn Java.

1. Friendly for Beginners
While Java is based on the principles of C and C++, Java has kept simplicity in mind. Consequently, the developer experience for Java programming is way smoother than other programming languages. Additionally, being an object-oriented programming language, it is relatively easy to maintain and modify existing code, along with adding new code projects.

2. New features
The release of Java 9 and 10 has ushered in a new milestone in the Java ecosystem. Their features are pretty impressive. It started with Project Jigsaw that introduced modularity, support for creating modules to apply the same to JDK.

Additionally, the REPL tool simplifies the use of various features. Along with that, Jshell scripting lets you write it with a single effort, making the whole process an easy one.

3. Favored by Employers
While you still may remain unsure about shifting to the tech world, one factor that gets the attention of employers is Java developer skills. Java is widely used by some of the biggest companies in the world. Giants like Netflix, Amazon, Instagram, Spotify & Pinterest are among the few that rest their confidence in Java. Keeping this in mind, learning Java is going to help you excel in your career journey.

4. Earn Handsome Salaries
While Java is liked both by employers and developers, the next question worth pondering is the pay. We conducted a Payscale survey & we identified that an average developer in India earns an hourly salary of Rs. 144.29. On the other hand, when we ran a survey on Indeed, we realized that a Junior Developer earns an annual salary of Rs. 3,61,820. Looking at these figures, one thing is for sure, companies are willing to pay talented developers well & the growth in this space is a sustainable one.

5. An Array of Applications

Java is everywhere and has a whole host of opportunities. Looking at the technologies that leverage Java, we’ve put together a few top domains that make use of the language:

• Java is used in Android APP development
• Java tests your web applications by leveraging a range of automation testing tools. Selenium and QTP, for instance, automate web applications and performance testing using Java
• Big Data technology: Hadoop MapReduce framework is written in Java
Scientific & Research Communities use Java to handle large amounts of data

6. Java Has its Presence Everywhere

Java is present everywhere, right from our desktops to our mobile phones. Additionally, here’s a look at Java and its forays.

• Information Technology: Resolves implementation dependencies and is the domain that hires Java developers the most.
• Banking: Helps to deal with transaction management
• Financial Services: Java is used in server-side applications
Stock Market: Helps to write algorithms to decide which companies they should invest in

7. Java is an OOPS Language

Popularly used languages like C++, C#, Java & more follow an object-oriented programming paradigm.

Object-oriented programming is a programming style which is connected with concepts like:

1. Classes
2. Objects
3. Inheritance
4. Encapsulation
5. Polymorphism

An object-based application in Java is based on declaring classes. Objects are created and the interaction between these objects. As an Object-Oriented Programming Language, the concepts of Java are highly relatable.

Learning Java can create a significant impact on your career. Not just well in-demand, Java developers are well-compensated for the work they do. Additionally, as a bonus, Java is widely used in the tech space, making it easy for you to shift from say and game development to software engineering.

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Hello everyone, I am anannya Agrawal. I have 3.5 years of experience in the field of application development. I am a professional trainer for mobile and web application development.