I just returned from a live event in Miami. What a great experience. Not only did I get energized by all the great information, I was one of the trainers AND I’m on fire with a renewed sense of why I’m in business.

If you’ve ever wondered if attending live events is worth it, I can assure you, when you pick the right events there’s no better use of your time.

Far too many people have gotten comfortable with “hiding out” behind their computers to the detriment of getting out and being seen. Although what you do behind your computer is incredibly important, don’t miss opportunities to attend live events.

Some of the best reasons for attending events are…

1. Get out of your office. It’s amazing how “safe” our offices have become. Whether your office is in your home or offsite, we can fool ourselves into believing sitting behind the computer is going to get us all the results we want and need. Periodically you need to get out of your office. A change of scenery can be incredible for our creativity, energy and vision. Events are a great way to do this.

2. Reconnect with colleagues. When I was in Miami I had the opportunity to see people I love hanging out with. There’s a lot of power in meeting face-to-face. Even though email and phone conversations are good, there’s nothing better than sharing time with those you feel really connected to.

3. Meet potential clients. Again, it’s one thing for others to get emails from you, see you on social networks and read your blog, but there’s a heck of a lot more power in potential clients seeing you in the flesh. It’s much easier for someone to make a decision to do business with you when they see you in person. Even though the decision may not be made right there and then, face-to-face encounters accomplish a lot and set the tone of what comes next.

4. Get out of your “safe bubble” and mingle. As with point #1, you have to be willing to get from behind your computer to shift your energy. Far too many people fool themselves into believing they are being productive by never getting out from behind their computer. We need human interaction to get the creative juices going.

5. Build alliances. It’s amazing how many joint venture partnerships began when we met someone face-to-face. As with the previous points, when your colleagues meet you in person, it’s a lot easier to strike up deals. There’s a high level of trust that’s built.

6. Recharge. If you’ve been feeling stuck, events are often the very thing that will recharge you. Again, when they are the right events for you. Attending an event simply to be attending an event may not be the right reason. However, if it’s an industry specific event, one with lots of networking opportunities and one where you will learn great information, there’s a great chance you will return to your office on fire with enthusiasm.

7. Learn. As an entrepreneur you should always be learning. What better way than an event specific to exactly what you need to know to build your business. The best way to learn is to go into the experience with the intention of learning. This means, be fully present, avoid distractions and give it your all.

These are only some of the great reasons to attend live events. Myself, I regularly attend, and speak at, live events. I know how essential attending events is to my business growth. I always leave with more enthusiasm than I started with.

Author's Bio: 

Kathleen Gage is the “no-nonsense, common sense” online marketing strategist, speaker, author, product creation specialist, and owner of Power Up For Profits. She helps entrepreneurs make money online. Her clients are driven by making a difference through their own unique voice.

As an early adopter of online marketing, Kathleen is known for cutting through the fluff. She speaks and teaches about what she believes are the core elements of a successful life: accountability, integrity, honesty, and living with passion and hope.

Kathleen believes the best way to become well known in your market is to let go of the need to be well known and simply serve and create an incredible experience for all you come in contact with. powerupforprofitslive.com