Have you ever wondered why some people are richer and happier while others are always struggling and remain poor and unhappy?

The answer to this question is simple, it’s the way people think. What you’re today is based on your past thoughts and beliefs. Your past thoughts and attitude created your present and your present thoughts will create your future. This means you have the power to change your tomorrow and make your dreams come true. And it's easier than you think.

#1 Write a List Of Desires

What do you really want? What do you want to have?

If you have a desire, then there's something in it for you and there's a way to achieve it. So grab a pen and list down all the things you want in your life. For example, you can write 'I want to create a six figure business income’, 'I want to have a successful relationship with the woman I love’, 'I want the new iPhone’ or 'I want to travel the world’. Just write them down, and don't hold back, let your imagination run wild. Once your list is complete, make a vow to read over it everyday.

#2 Visualize Your Desires

Create a mental picture of your dreams. Close your eyes and focus on all the beautiful details of your dream house, car, partner or job. As you visualize, feel the excitement of what you truly desire. Imagine yourself behind the wheel of that sports car, feel the wind in your hair, the hum of the engine, let the thrills wash through your body. When you send out strong positive vibrations in a happy state, you attract the things you desire.

#3 Create Positive Affirmations

Put your visualization into words by creating positive affirmations. For example, you can say I'm driving my new BMW to pick up my mum’, I'm on a cruise vacation in the Bahamas’, or I'm living in my new 5 bedroom house’. Avoid negative self-talk. Saying 'I'm no longer jobless’ is negative but saying I'm working at a secure job’ is positive. Apart from this, make the affirmations short as your subconscious mind can’t understand long statements.

#4 Create a Dream Board

This is the visual representation of your dreams. A dream board helps trigger positive visualizations and serves as a reminder for you to focus on your dreams. To create the perfect dream board, get a corkboard and some pins, then collect photos and anything that reminds you what you desire and pin it to your dream board. You can also write some positive affirmations on sticky notes and place them next to your photos, or any other visible place to remind yourself your dreams.

#5 Adopt The Attitude of Gratitude

Express gratitude everyday. Be grateful for a good nights sleep, for the beautiful weather, for the food you eat, the house you live in, your family, your friends, health and everything good in your life. Express gratitude by saying 'thank you’. Practice random acts of kindness every day and look for ways to express genuine praise to your friends, family and even the people who serve you at the supermarket. The more you practice gratitude, the more you attract the 'good stuff' in your life.

#6 Take One Step At a Time

When you have clear intentions and focus on your goals, there will be signs everywhere that your dreams are manifesting. Make sure you take some action to follow these signs. Be honest with yourself and evaluate your home, job, finances, relationships and health. Identify aspects of your life that are blocking your dreams from manifesting. Slowly, replace negative substances and habits with better choices.

#7 Get Support

Find like-minded people and get together. Such people will encourage you and get excited with you about the possibilities of manifesting miracles and creating beautiful things. Get a friend or a family member to help you track your success. Seek out a mentor, a person who inspires you and has achieved what you want. Listen to good music and read books that encourage you to go for your dreams. Avoid people with bad influence, you don’t want such people to pull you down with their negative energy.

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