Do you know what's important for the success of small business owners and entrepreneurs? I submit that it is: Knowledge, Skills and Talent. I know that many of your competitors also have the same traits. The key to remaining viable and profitable must also include ATTITUDE and the following Top 7 Ways for Any Business to Remain Viable and Profitable.

1.Client Benefits: You and your clients must clearly understand the benefits that your products and services provide. Most buying decisions are based on the client's perception of what you offer. Remember, clients buy benefits and value not features.

2.Extra Value: Clients must receive more in value than you charge for your products and/or services. Most people don’t want a "fair" exchange; they want a bargain… the sense that they got extra value for their money is the key. Value is providing extra services or additional products not in customer service (customer service is a part of doing business).

3.Extraordinary Service: This means attention to every detail including answering the phone on the first or second ring, providing an 800 number and a 24-hour client service number. Providing extraordinary client service should always first. The service must include an ‘experience’ for the client. In today’s marketplace, it is always about the ‘experience’.

4.Know your Audience: Every business owner/entrepreneur must know their audience. You must take the time to identify and create your Ideal Client Profile and then create an Ideal Client Portfolio™ for maximum success.

5.Innovation: New is always good, but ‘newer’ is always better. Clients expect the benefits of today’s technology. At minimum, they expect the convenience of e-mail, voice mail, text and contact with a live person. If there is a faster, better or more reliable way to do it, then adopt leading-edge techniques before your competition does. Always go one step above the competition.

6.Reliability: Clients assume they can rely on your products and services when they make a purchase. But when they purchase your time and expertise, they can only rely on your availability, your advice, your attention to detail and your follow-through. You must be there for your clients every single time they have a need.

7.Communication: This means instant two-way communication with your team at every level. It also includes communication with vendors, suppliers, competitors, collaborative partners and strategic alliances. Have an "open door" policy; listening is more important than speaking.

Remember, in the competitive marketplace Knowledge, Skills, talent and ATTITUDE builds the infrastructure for business success. You may want to listen to 7 Surefire Strategies for Building a High-End Client List and Marketing to the Affluent

Dr. Laureen Wishom
Million Dollar Solutionist™
Positioning and Business Growth Expert
Certified Money Breakthrough Method Solutionist™

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As an award-winning Positioning and Business Growth Expert and Certified Money Breakthrough Solutionist, Dr. Laureen Wishom is hailed as the “Million Dollar Solutionist"™. She is the Founder and CEO of the Global Association of High-Achieving-Women and Masterpiece Solutions LLC. She is a successful speaker, author and the creator of signature program: Marketing to the Affluent™ 7.5 Strategies for Finding, Attracting, Servicing and Leveraging High-End Clients. She specializes in providing masterful solutions that produce powerful results for high-achieving women entrepreneurs, executives, and non-profit leaders who want to: 1) brand their brilliance; 2) form strategic alliances, partnerships and collaborations; 3) generate multiple streams of revenue; 4) build high-end relationships and 5) market to the affluent™. For free tips and new ideas for career and business growth, visit her blog at Obtain a copy of 10.5 Strategies for Achieving Success and Greatness - visit