Today in this tech-savvy world, there has been a tremendous exponential growth rate in the healthcare sector. Due to the growth of technology and cheap internet facility to the people everyone today has access to healthcare tips and professional medical help. Today many people try to seek medical professional help online by using their smartphones. Smartphones can be used to locate nearby clinics, hospitals and even locate nearest doctors through the help of applications.
Here are some of the top 8 medical application available in the United States of America for Android users –

1. Care Zone –

This is one of the best medical application for android platform. This application is well equipped with advanced features like managing medications of family, instructions of doctors, medication list. Users can even use this application to set alarm for their daily medicine dosage alert so that patient may not miss any of the prescription given by the doctor. The best part about the Care Zone application is that it does not contain any in-app purchases and totally free of cost.

2. Doctor on Demand –

This amazing application helps you to get connected with a local certified doctor in order to get the simple diagnosis of common ailments like fever, cold, flu etc. This application and its services are free of cost but the doctor visit may cost you a few bucks. This application is useful when you are unable to go out and seek for medical diagnosis and essential prescriptions.

3. Pill identifier pro and drug info –

This astonishing application is quite useful not only for healthcare professionals but for common people too. This platform contains a blend of useful tools like pill identifier, drug search tool, and medical news. It contains other useful features like BMI calculator and even helps you keep a check on blood pressure. This platform can also be used for locating nearby Gym, clinics, dental care, hospitals etc. The best part about pill identifier application is that it is free of cost and contains zero in-app purchases.

4. Epocrates –
This free application is widely popular in the USA among healthcare professionals. This application is well equipped with latest features like calculating BMI and GFR. One can even use inbuilt pill identifier tool, latest healthcare, and medical news, doctors directory and drug prescription information. This application is quite useful for medical students and patients to boost up their knowledge about healthcare.

5. Good RX Drug prices and coupons –

This astonishing application is quite useful for people because of its amazing offers and features. This application lets you compare different types of drugs available in the market. It helps you choose a better and cheaper brand based on the composition of the pill or drug. GoodRx is quite good for educating oneself. One can even look out for attractive coupons and offers present on the dashboard of this application.

6. Medical terminology –

This application is widely used by medical students of USA in order to learn the complex medical terminologies. This platform comes up with an offline support system, therefore, one does not have to care about mobile data being used. Users can quickly look for any type of medical terminology under the search bar and can easily bookmark it for future reference without any hassle. This application does not require any sort of irritating signup or account formation and is easily available on the Google Play Store.

7. Figure 1 medical images –

This application is quite helpful for junior doctors and residents. With the help of this platform, one can see the images of different types of disease and ailments and get the proper diagnosis of it. This platform contains all the types of rare diseases and their diagnosis. In case of any query, doctors can connect to each other and discuss thoroughly the medical images.

8. Medscape –

This application is full of versatile medical information. By the help of this application, doctors and common people can remain up to date with the medical news of the world. One can easily go through the information of about 8000 types of drugs and can access 600 types of diagnosis calculators.
The above-mentioned applications are free of cost and can be used in day to day life to look for healthcare tips and advice.

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