We are exposed to chemicals most of the time in our daily activities. Walking on the street, cleaning in your home or just working in the office – chemicals are usually all around you, even without you being aware of them. They are emitted from various objects, for example, the car exhaust in the big city. As you probably know you have almost no control over these chemicals, but at the same time you can't avoid them either. However, you CAN avoid some of them and here in this article I will show you the top 10 toxic you must avoid.

1. Plastic. Yes, plastic object, such as bags, containers or warp contain a number of different chemicals, which can negatively impact your life. As long as you can avoid using plastic, do so. You can also look for plastic products with the label “Free of BPA”, these are relatively safe.

2. Cosmetics. This should be painful, especially for women, but yes, cosmetics are also dangerous to your health. Some products involve parabens and phthalates, which can interfere with your endocrine system. You can easily find natural products in the market free of such dangerous ingredients.

3. Conventional food. Well, this is a hard one, but you can at least try to eat organic from time to time, as it is usually very expensive and hard to find. The conventional food on other hand is cheap, heavily sprayed with insecticides and pesticides.

4. Commercial fresheners, incense and candles. These products involve phthalates and parabens, which easily compromise the quality of breathable air in your home.

5. ”Teflon” or similar cookware coatings. Make sure to avoid these coated pans or other cookware, because they were treated with anti-stick chemicals, which directly interact with your food. You can easily use olive oil on a stainless steel or iron cast pan to avoid you food stick on the cookware.

6. Triclosan. This chemical compound is commonly used in soaps, facial tissues and deodorants for it's anti-bacterial effect. However, it can also affect you negatively as it affects your hormones and creates antibiotic resistance to bacteria. It also widely destroys aquatic life when it is disposed into the drain.

7. Canned fish. Be careful with tuna and salmon cans as some brands contain high amounts of mercury. Try with canned skipjack, tongol or yellow tuna instead of albacore tune, which usually involve the highest amounts of mercury.

8. Dry cleaners. Make sure to skip your visit to the dry cleaner, instead look for a environmentally-friendly service, which doesn't use dangerous chemicals in the cleaning process. According to the professional cleaners, you can find small laundry services in your local area that can treat naturally for you.

Author's Bio: 

Pol Anderson Bishop is a firm supporter of the green and healthy products. He is now working with a professional duct cleaning service in Melbourne, as he aims to improve their awareness for natural and healthy cleaning.