Buying an Air Conditioning unit can be a tough decision for a family, individual or even a company. Many factors play important role in making you narrow down your choices among the brands and variants available in the market. Summers are generally the season when people take making this decision seriously but choosing to buy AC (especially) in (late) winters can help you save some extra money. So whatever the season, this article intends to help you figure out what factors are important when you set out to buy an Air Conditioning Unit Southampton.

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Numbers and figures

1. Capacity
The floor area for which you are considering the AC purchase is the basic deciding factor. Judge it right and take help of experts; even the people at the store can also help. A 1 ton AC is good enough for a room smaller than 140 sq. ft. whereas 140 sq. ft. to 180sq ft. rooms must have a 1.5 ton AC for efficient cooling. Anything bigger would be good with a 2 ton AC or multiples of it if required. Also, chances are that the label of the AC unit has the info you are looking for. Right capacity means optimal performance and electricity bill charged accordingly. Often 1000-2000 BTU is where the range starts from.

2. Energy Ratings
Heat is directly proportional to the usage of AC which in turn affects your pocket. Don’t forget to see the energy rating of the model you intend to buy so that it doesn’t sneakily burn a hole. Better ratings mean less electricity consumption and thus smaller bills. Bigger cooling units generally affect the most.

3. Noise levels
Sounds of AC units at unwanted times couldn’t be ignored and can cause irritation. 19 – 60 decibels is considered OK to withstand, even at odd hours of the night.

4. Warranty
Nothing less than a 1-year full unit warranty must be your lookout. If the manufacturer is not ready to stand for its product, you also should not think of buying it, should you?

AC Type

5. Split AC or Window AC
Your choice can be seriously affected by the aesthetic quality of AC (when an ability to cool the room has nothing to do with the decision-making process): either to buy a split or window AC. Split AC units are known for their look if other factors are kept shadowed. Window AC units, on the other hand, don’t mess with your budget, a consideration very important for many prospective buyers.
Other features

6. Better cooling and air distribution

Air conditioners with flexible thermostat can save you money by consuming energy efficiently at the different time of the day while providing better cooling. If the unit has movable or oscillating louvers for better air distribution in the room, its cooling is so much more effective (note: all window ACs are better at guiding air when positioned right!).

7. Air quality
Look for a good dehumidification unit, easy cleaning filters. The months just after springs and just before falls are going to be so much better while needing less concern about accumulating dust. Having a pre-installed air purifier can add to budget but can leave you a little less worried about the air quality inside the room.

8. Installation and maintenance
Professional installation translates into better AC performance. Though the statement is truer for split AC since they are more challenging to install, a window AC also does better in the hands of an expert. Service them regularly (preferably quarterly) and you would have a happy AC and you for years to come.
Budget considerations

9. Price
Often this is the most important factor because you set aside a budget to buy something and then start looking for the models that fall in that budget with the other desired aspects of the AC units. That being said, you adjust with the prices if you want additional features like sleep mode, auto restart and multipurpose (which means both cooling and room heating) can be added advantage if your budget allows.

Now that you have all the essential factors to consider before making a purchase of an Air Conditioning Unit, you are good to go with the list of AC models you have taken out. What are you waiting for? Start narrowing down your list right away!

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