One of the greatest concerns of parents who opt for homeschooling is the excessive use of technology. If your child learns from home, is it okay to use the tablet instead of textbooks all the time? - It’s okay as long as you use the right apps and tools. You will still limit screen time and you will encourage your child to productively use that time. You and your kids will get the much needed digital detox now and then.

Online tools, however, are still necessary for homeschooling. They make the whole process easier and way more engaging.

Still, it’s important to rely on the right tools for your needs. If you start using random online resources, you’ll only get your kid confused. We’ll list the best 9 online tools that support homeschooling.

Sushi Monster

Numbers may be fun to learn, but they are often a challenge. When you gamify the process of teaching math, you’ll engage the child on a higher level. This app is perfect for that purpose! It helps the kid to practice and reinforce their math fluency, and gain new knowledge as they progress through the levels.

They have to choose the correct numbers from the counters to feed the sushi monster, while staying immune to distractions. The game is timed and encourages the players to think fast while finding the correct solution.

LifeTopix Calendar

This is an app for parents! When you’re engaged in homeschooling, you have to organize your time as effectively as possible. You need to plan lessons, finances, digital content to present, and all kinds of activities.

With this app, you can organize all aspects of your life, including shopping, health, tasks, appointments, and most of all – education.

Kids Cook Real Food

One of the best things about homeschooling is that you can teach your kid real skills that are not being taught at traditional schools. Cooking and healthy eating are among the most precious skills your kid could ever gain. They will understand the value of food and they will learn how to make their own meals.

This is an online course that’s fun and educative at the same time. It presents simple and healthy meals that kids can cook for themselves. Needless to say, you’ll enjoy the time in the kitchen together with your kid.

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Then, you’ll analyze this paper with your kid and you’ll recognize all aspects of a good essay. After that, it will be easier for both of you to tackle the assignments without the help of an expert. With time and practice, your kid will start writing their own essays. Just be persistent!

Homeschool Supercenter

This is an online store specifically aimed at homeschoolers. You’ll find great materials that are adjusted with the curriculum that’s appropriate for your child’s age and level. It’s a very simple site that’s easy to use.

If you prefer textbooks over online lessons, this is where you’ll get great packages with free shipping.

Loose Strands

You want your kid to love reading? Well you need to trigger that love through stories that are fun! This is a unique interactive novel that involves the reader in the story. Your kid can choose the direction of the events, so they will protect Roland from trouble along his adventures.

If you don’t like purchasing an app without testing it first, you can try the free unlockable edition before you opt for the real thing.

Screen Time

You’re worried about the quantity and quality of screen time that your kid has? This app will help you track it! It will allow you to set up a daily, weekly, or custom screen time limit. If your kid behaves well, they will earn more screen time that they can spend with their favorite app and websites.

It’s perfect for maintaining balance between on-screen and off-screen habits.

Khan Academy

It’s like having the best teachers in the world, right there at your home. Khan Academy is a free source of all kinds of knowledge. Whatever your kid wants to learn, you can find a lesson there. Whatever lesson the curriculum suggests next, you’ll find it there.

Just dig through the video content and you’ll definitely find something to engage your child with.

Connections Academy

Although you prefer homeschooling over public school, maybe you still want your kid to have access to real teachers. This online platform makes that possible. It’s an actual online school with a standardized curriculum. You can enroll your learner for free.

The program offers flexibility of classes. Although the teachers will provide the expertise that sometimes lacks in homeschooling, the platform still promotes parental involvement in the educational process.

Let’s face it: we can’t make homeschooling as effective as possible if we don’t rely on online tools. It’s time to stop perceiving technology as a distraction and start seeing it as our ally. When used responsibly and with proper limitations, online tools can support a very productive learning process.

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