Though adventure trips have always been popular among the young-at-heart, their popularity has only soared to new heights in the recent past. Every year, more and more people are embarking on journeys to experience an adrenaline rush. While there are numerous destinations in India where a thrill seeker can partake in adventure activities, there are some that have built an unparalleled reputation for themselves among adventurers. Do you know what these destinations are? Do you want to know? Just keep reading.


Rishikesh may be touted as the ‘Yoga Capital of the World’ but his place has as much to do with thrill as it has to do with the ancient discipline. Swathes of people flock to Rishikesh every year to enjoy white-water rafting on the gushing waters of the Ganga River. Rapids of Grade II, III and IV give people the opportunity to enjoy the sport. Moreover, there are a plenty of other activities that one can try during their trip to Rishikesh. These include bungee jumping, flying fox, kayaking and more. So, if you are ready for an adventure of a lifetime, then book hotels in Rishikesh already.


Check any list of the ‘best adventure destinations in India’ and chances are that you will find the mention of Ladakh on it and you will find it near the top. That is how famed of an adventure destination it is. Hordes of thrill seekers travel to this high-altitude desert every year; many of them on a bike to take the thrill quotient to another level. While driving on the steep roads of Ladakh is an adventure in itself, there are also many other activities that can quench one’s thirst of thrill and excitement. Besides trekking, you can partake in rock climbing, mountain biking and jeep safari during your sojourn. If you are not up for a road journey, you can also book cheap flight tickets to the airport serving the city of Leh.


Calling Manali – the most famous hill station in India – would not be an exaggeration. Nestled amidst the high hills of Himachal Pradesh, the place hosts holidaymakers from all around the country. These vacationers come here not only to enjoy the salubrious weather and explore many points of interest, but also revel with adventure activities. Among the must try during a trip to Manali is paragliding. The Solang Valley is among the most famed paragliding spots in the country. Moreover, a number of trekking trails are also available for you. If you are looking for an easy and short trek, then trek to Jogini Falls is a good option.


How about some water-based adventure activities? If the idea sounds good to you, then book cheap domestic flight tickets to Goa. The coastal state, known for its laidback attitude, sun-kissed beaches, effervescent nightclubs, maddening parties and more, is the ultimate party destination in India. Moreover, the adventure opportunities galore. From activities like jet skiing, banana boating and kayaking to trekking and rock climbing, you can try it all here. If you are into trekking, then the trek to Dudhsagar Falls would be a great pick. Also, do not forget to explore the many historical churches in Goa during your time in the state.

These are the top adventure destinations in India. Two other worth mentioning at this point are Kaziranga National Park and Auli. You can plan a trip to any of these and rest assured that you are in for an unforgettable adventure. If you have been planning an adventure escapade, then stop putting off your plan and book your flight tickets and hotel rooms right away.

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