Physiotherapy has been used since ancient times and it is been followed from 19th century to until now. Physiotherapy includes heat, electrical treatment and water based treatments which could heal the people without causing any unwanted side effects. During the World War II the affected soldiers were treated with physiotherapy to make them heal quickly and to alleviate the pain. It was after this physiotherapy became a specialized in the field of medicine and gained popularity.

Physiotherapy is completely safe and does not cause any unwanted side effects like other type of medicines and treatments. Here below we can discuss some of the top Rehab advantages

(a)Neurological disorders
Parkinson’s disease, strokes, spinal cord injury are few of the neurological disorders which can be treated affectively through physiotherapy treatment. It exercises the muscles in a natural way and cures the damages inside the muscles.

Vibration training is one of the latest methods which provide the same effect as that of physiotherapy. Muscles and nerves which are affected as a result of various diseases can be turned back to its original state through vibration training treatment. It restores the nerves and other sensors to normal condition. Vibration training is proven to be more effective than the traditional physiotherapy and it can provide 80% to 90% cure if it is taken in the right way.

(b)Cardiopulmonary treatment
There are many people who suffer from cardiopulmonary condition and the common symptoms are shortness of breath, decreased endurance, palpitation, difficult in performing heavy exercise, etc. But it can be treated either through physiotherapy or vibration training.

Vibration training helps the person to perform their regular chores without any difficulty. Majority of the patients affected by cardiopulmonary condition feel difficult to perform their regular work but cardiopulmonary treatment easily leads them on the road to recovery.

(c)Orthopedic condition
Various types of orthopedic disorders can be treated effectively through both physiotherapy and vibration treatment. Stiffness of the joints or muscles, arthritis, neck pain, back pain and many other orthopedic conditions can be cured through vibration training. It completely eliminates the stiffness and cures the joint in a natural way.

Osteoporosis or loss of bone can also be treated through vibration training. It increases the density of bone and makes it strong. Pain in the joints, bone or ligaments can also be easily cured in a natural way through vibration training.

Latest vibration systems can completely eliminate cellulite from the body and lose unwanted fats in a natural way.

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