Traditional personnel management is not always correct, it is time-consuming and does not offer the necessary insights. Companies must think about a better alternative solution to optimize work efficiency, employee satisfaction, and, above all, the customer experience. workforce planning software provides automated solutions for many daily HR tasks.
Using this system offers many benefits to reduce the operating costs of your HR department and increase business efficiency. We present some of them here.

Increase employee satisfaction

Dissatisfied employees can cause many problems, such as: poor worker morale and higher attrition, which companies don't want to see. The more your teams can do for themselves, the more effective they will feel. A Workforce planning system provides employees with the ability to view and modify personal schedules, confirm shifts with one click, request vacations and clock in and out easily.

Payroll calculations can consume thousands of hours of work per year, even for the smallest business. This system can track employee attendance and then use this report to calculate payroll more accurately.

Improves analytical functions

Regardless of the type of business, data management is still a vital function in today's workplace. The ability to see data in real-time, compare actual results against budget, and measure your business performance against the plan is essential to running your business successfully. HR managers need advanced tools to make the best and most profitable decisions for your business. The automated system offers the data needed to examine and manage your business more efficiently. It gives your HR managers the tools they need to succeed.

Reduces compliance risks

Businesses must maintain records to provide statistical evidence to national and government agencies that they consistently meet their legal obligations. Manually managing this type of compliance record can lead to errors, and even the smallest error can be very expensive to your company, not to mention taking a long time. The workforce planning solution can do this automatically, and in most cases, spontaneously. The system decreases this risk and enables you to meet all national and local obligations.

Improve customer experience

The system allows you to combine customer service performance as part of your employees' overall performance assessment. HR managers can use assessable criteria to ensure that employees communicate with their customers per established standards, and then record these measures so that they can be incorporated into the assessment of each employee's performance each year, each month, or every week. The time tracking system makes it easy to measure actual employee performance against established standards so managers can detect and correct errors before they affect how your customers see your organizations.

Shiftbase offers direct benefits to small and large businesses. The online system is available on all mobile devices with an Internet connection. It consolidates business data on a single platform and allows employees to manage self-service processes easily. This bridges the gap between services and allows your human resources department to focus on analysis rather than manual tasks.

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