Philidas nuts are the most convenient and efficient fastening accessories for any manufacturing or household application. Their unique property is that they are self-locking- they counter loosening under vibrations and force. They are different from regular traditional nuts in that conventional nuts only consist of a central threaded aperture, and upon repeated exposure to vibrations, they become detached from the bolt. Locknuts protect against loosening by adopting a design that gives the nut more friction and resistance to movements.

Why should we use Philidas nuts?

•The design and mechanic are uncomplicated and convenient.
•When installing the nuts onto bolts, you won't require any fancy tools or pieces of machinery.
•You can always reuse the nuts and remove and place them back when repairing or maintaining your pieces of equipment.
•The bolt thread is sturdy and smooth, so it won't get damaged or deformed easily.
•People have been using them for ages, so they are genuinely reliable.
•As mentioned before, Philidas nuts hold firmly on to the bolts even in heavy vibrations and movements.
•No washers needed!
•They are resistant to fluctuations in temperature so can be used in low or high temperatures
•The performance of these nuts are not affected by petrol, fuel or other steam and fluids


Philidas nuts are used widely for almost every field of manufacture. Automobile manufacturers use them to assemble vehicle parts. Some of the clients of Philidas include renowned automobile companies like BMW, Jaguar, Ford and Bosch. In marine, ship manufacturers use them to build ships.

They are also popular in industries for producing machinery. When used appropriately, they present a myriad of advantages.

Philidas take great pride in providing premium quality products which are verified by Original Equipment Manufacturers for safety applications.

Philidas fasteners come in various types. The self-locking fasteners can be made of metal or nylon or contain a combination of both.

Other available types include wheel nuts and any special purpose fasteners made to customise consumer requirements.

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