Even if you are the one saying good-bye in an intimate relationship, you still may not feel strong, wise and happily single and alone again.
It is normal to feel scared and doubtful about your decision to leave.

Whether you are doing the leaving or you are the one who is being left, it is also normal to feel anger. After all, you invested your heart and hopes, time and possibly your best years. But it is not healthy to stay stuck with your anger so that you never risk falling in love again.

Regardless of your situation, inspirational quotes can be uplifting and informative. Probably one of the most famous quotes is from Alfred Lord Tennyson, the Poet Laureate of Great Britain and Ireland for most of the reign of Queen Victoria. Most likely you have heard it before:

“Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.”

These brief words pack a huge punch. It says: You only live once, and if you want to be happy and better than you ever imagined, it’s better to go to your grave knowing that you tried rather than having on your tombstone: Hear lies a Love Coward.

There are lots of other famous quotes. But the more than 1,200 women in my study discovered the power of the quotes from each other. Many women said that these quotes spoke to them more than the ones from famous people. So, here are the top ones that touched their heart.

Best Quotes from the Women in My Study
1. It is okay to say good-bye to someone who cannot travel along with you into your potential future self.

2. You are not ending the relationship because you can’t cheer for him and support him emotionally but because he can’t cheer for himself or be emotionally brave enough to push himself to his own best.

3. It is okay to say goodbye to someone you love but whom you know is not your healthiest match.

4. I will resist the urge to sacrifice my personal growth and happiness by idealizing or remembering only the good or even great times that we had together.

5. I will not hold onto my heartache to prevent me from healing, facing myself and getting brave enough to welcome the unknown opportunities to face me.

6. I accept that the course of life and love is always trial and error—because we learn through both successes and setbacks.

7. I know that lost love leaves a hole in my heart, but I also know that I will heal by filling that hole with my understanding and acceptance of me.

8. Chasing after love with someone who can’t love does not move me off the start line.

9. I hurt—and I am able to hurt without eroding my sense of self-worth.

10. I am not saying goodbye to us. I am saying good-bye to my relationship blinders, my fears of facing me and the unknowns in life.

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