Whether you are an accounting major thinking of obtaining your CPA license or you are a career professional who is looking for a change or new credential, there are a number of benefits you can enjoy by being a CPA. In the world of accounting and finance, a Certified Public Accountant is regarded as an elite professional and your career will undoubtedly get a boost with this license. In addition, it also provides a number of opportunities for upward mobility. If you are unsure of whether it would be favorable to get a CPA license or not, here are some top career benefits that may help change your mind:

Better opportunities

Due to their status as elite professionals, there is a great demand for CPAs. The demand for competent professionals is on the rise because the business environment is becoming more and more complex. Therefore, employers are in search of candidates who have a proven track record in the world of accounting and a CPA license can play an important role here. Thus, you can get a lot more job opportunities as this license opens doors for you in different organizations in the accounting industry. You can work for nonprofits, government organizations and other companies. In fact, you will be able to find work in different industries, which means you will be able to find a job you like.

Higher salary and benefits

While salary depends on the industry and experience level, a CPA can expect to earn more than $1 million on average, as opposed to their non-CPA fellows. Moreover, having a CPA license can also provide you with more benefits, whether they come in the form of a higher negotiating power or a higher ranking job. As there is a high demand for CPAs, they are able to negotiate better benefits, which includes vacation time and flexible work schedules.

Job stability in the future

The business environment is changing constantly to adapt to new technologies and this has put many jobs at risk. It is a given that you would want to feel more secure in your job. There is no doubt that many accounting processes are now becoming automated, but only human beings can thing creatively and critically and so they have a final say in the accounting and finance world. You need a high amount of critical thinking for the CPA credential and those who have it show employers that they are definitely worth having around. Hence, even in times of economic downturn, CPA remains an important and powerful certificate and offers future job stability.

Well-respected credential

Even those who don’t know much about accounting are aware of the importance of CPA. This career is quite well-respected, both within and outside of the accounting world. You will feel good and confident when presenting your credentials to anyone because it will immediately demand respect and recognition.
In a nutshell, getting a CPA license can lead to a fulfilling, professional and successful career for anyone.

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