Chatbots today has managed to garner quite the buzz in the market and you would agree none of this popularity is without reason, by the way. For customers, they mean faster replies, excellent customer service and easier sales flow that leads to a more personal connection with the companies while making the purchase. And, for industries that utilize chatbots, it aids them in lowering the support costs while increasing the conversion rates while boosting customer loyalty to accelerate the sales cycle and generate more leads.

In fact, so handy are chatbots that they have found applications in practically every industry imaginable, including the ones listed above:

1.Travel: Travel took a hit due to the pandemic but now things are quickly going back to business as usual. While this is great news for travel companies, it also spells some challenges for them, especially with the humongous number of queries they receive and the demand for round-the-clock services. A chatbot can quickly help address all these challenges while also assisting with tasks such as collecting information from customers, transferring said data to CRM systems, etc.

2.HR: The Human Resources department is decidedly one of the most important aspects of running a successful business. After all, HR not only tends to the company’s hiring needs but also fulfills a whole lot of other responsibilities across the company’s operations. HR chatbots can not only help companies ease some of the pressure off the HR department’s shoulders with the daily tasks but also assist with the improvement of employees’ performance, automation of tasks such as sifting through resumés submitted for open positions, helping with the onboarding process for new employees and so much more.

3.E-commerce: Easily one of the biggest and most potent use cases for chatbots has been found in the e-commerce sector which continues to struggle with a rapidly growing number of challenges even as the sector, in general, observes fast-paced growth. You see, with all this growth, the e-commerce sector is feeling humongous pressure in terms of customer service since conventional means of delivering customer support, i.e. social media, phone calls, etc., have proven to be unreliable when subjected to huge loads. This is where chatbots come in, helping e-commerce companies provide better customer service but also accelerate sales cycles and so much more.

4.Real Estate: To say that the global real estate industry is growing at a rapid pace would be a massive understatement. Anyway, as the sector continues to evolve, the countless companies operating in this space have come face to face with a whole new crop of challenges, including several missed opportunities, i.e. leads. Chatbots can help tend to this problem as well, allowing real estate companies to better engage with existing as well as potential customers, schedule visits, collect important customer details and documents, etc.

There you have it ladies and gentlemen, a list of some of the many, many industries that stand to benefit from the integration of chatbots in their operations. We understand that chatbots have long been associated with drab responses to run-of-the-mill customer queries but the fact is that chatbots can do a whole lot more for new-age organizations. Besides empowering companies to deliver substantially better levels of customer service to their customers, chatbots can also help pretty much every single industry on the face of the earth collect immensely valuable data about their customers, the latest trends in the market, and so much more. These factors, together, enable companies to, then, deliver substantially better levels of overall customer experiences. If you too are ready to step into the future and leverage this novel technology, we recommend that you start by looking for a trusted service provider for custom chatbot application development.

Author's Bio: 

Kaushal Shah manages digital marketing communications for the enterprise technology services provided by Rishabh Software.