Are you planning your wedding? If so then you must lookout to get a wedding car that will make the jaws drop! Have you heard about muscle wedding cars? Do you know that they belong to the high class and top quality classic wedding cars category? In case money is not a constraint in your wedding then you must opt for such muscle cars. These cars are truly iconic and create an everlasting impression on your wedding. Muscle cars are known for their speed and exterior look. They are usually appealing inside out.

This article enlists a few classic muscle cars that will be a huge hit on the wedding day:

Ford Mustang Mach 1- 1969:

This car needs to top the list when it comes to the wedding car hire for your wedding. There is no need to get hold of fast cars for your wedding. This Mach 1 is a top-class suggestion as a wedding car as it still stands out among the others due to its amazing look and feel. In case you are looking for something vintage then Mach 1 can be a good choice. It holds a record of going from 0 to 60 mph is mere 14 seconds!

Chevrolet Chevelle SS 454- 1970:

Unlike other muscle wedding cars which are given for hire, the Chevelle SS 454 holds a good ad reputed name for itself. Being a 1970 classic is has never failed to impress people at large. In case you are looking for a wedding car dating back to 1970 then this is a perfect choice. This car’s engine power extends up to 450 horsepower and is indeed one of the strongest cars of the year 1970!

1968- Oldsmobile Hurst/ Olds 442:

In case you want a vintage, classic and more sophisticated version of a wedding car then you are at the right place! This Oldsmobile Hurst has one of the coolest exteriors ever made on a muscle car. This car has a lot of attributes to it namely advanced automatic transmission, air conditioning as well as luxurious leather interiors. This car is beautiful and aesthetically appealing inside out!

1970- Plymouth Superbird:

Are you looking for a trendy wedding car that will make the quirky décor of your wedding? This Superbird will prove to be the right choice! It falls into the category of aero cars and holds a renowned position when it comes to dominating the NASCAR list.

When you look forward to muscle wedding cars hire then you need to do a good amount of research. Firstly you will get a lot of car hire companies but not all will offer you a reputable dealer. You must look for those who have been offering wedding car rental since at least 7 to 8 years. Secondly, you will have to shortlist a list of suggestions given to you by your neighbours or family members. Lastly, make sure that the wedding car is from an insured source.

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