It is no secret that women love to be lavished with compliments, when they are delivered well and in a confident way. A well-timed compliment can help move your relationship forward, or simply help you get in the door with a woman in the first place. Here some of the best, and easiest, compliments to give to women.

Honestly, whether they admit it or not, women love to complimented on their physical appearance. A large portion of their self-esteem is derived from how they view themselves physically, and it always pays to reinforce a good body image.

Eyes are windows to the soul, so says many a popular poet, and just about every woman alive wants to believe they beauty of their souls is reflected in the beauty of their eyes. This compliment is a great one to give for a couple of reasons.

First, it means your paying attention and looking her in the eyes when your speaking to her. Second, it means to her that you are looking a little deeper into her being, trying to get beyond the superficialities of her physical appearance. A compliment of a woman's eyes is kind of a two-for-one deal, where you compliment both her physical and spiritual beauty at the same time.

Even if a woman doesn't look like they have, they will almost always appreciate a compliment that suggests their appearance is great even if they have put on a few pounds. You can show love to someone by seeing the best in them. This type of compliment helps alleviate any guilt a woman may have if they have put on weight, but also it helps encourage women who are actively trying to shed pounds by letting them know their hard work is being noticed. The downside of this great compliment is you risk making a woman think, "So you thought I was fat before?"

Everyone, man or woman, likes to think of themselves as unique and different, whether they are or not. One of the best compliments to give a woman is to tell her she stands apart from other women (her competition) in your eyes, and that she has a special place in your heart that no other woman can touch. Follow this by giving a couple of specific ways in which you find her to be different than other women, perhaps mentioning any skills, or qualities that are not too common. Try not to use physical appearance in this instance, as that may land flat and not sound sincere.

The best compliment a guy can give a woman is tailored to some aspect of her inner self. Continue to master your communication and you will attract women wherever you go.

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