With monsoons being just around the corner, there comes an added responsibility to have your house waterproofed against all potential damages which could be inflicted by rains. Hence, the knowledge about the chemicals which are used in waterproofing could come handy, owing to the different situations possessed by different households. You can pick whatever suits you the best and hire waterproofing contractors in Delhi NCR to have your house sealed against water which could cause harm. The following are the top construction chemicals that are used in waterproofing.

One of the most dealt in chemicals, Master Seal is suitable for all kinds of establishments, whether it is residential, industrial, or commercial. It is used around larger surfaces,ensuring durability and sustainability. MasterSeal provides extreme waterproofing and is available in the form of a spray. In addition to being water-resistant, the spray also promises floor protection.

2.Dr. Fixit LEC
LEC is an abbreviation for Low Energy Consumption, and this chemical not only provides protection against water perils but also insulates against heat. As a result, the total energy consumption of the building is less as compared to other non-sustainable buildings and is a method for greener practice. With Dr. Fixit LEC, floorings, as well as rooftops, can be insulated against water penetration and you can get rid of damp, dripping walls with paint chipping off. It is one of the best waterproofing solutions in Delhi.

3. Zentrifix Elastic
This kind of chemical is used in sealing of all kinds of areas, including swimming pools, water tanks, basement floors, and rooftops. The major application of this chemical is through a slurry-applied membrane and therefore, a few things must be kept in mind during its application. Joints, water-stops, and interfaces must be covered completely as they are the major sources of water leakage and must be sealed in an absolute manner.

4. Kryptonite
This revolutionary rubber stoppage mechanism is used to seal concrete joints of construction sites, which are almost completed,addressing the leakage point between the cracks. The rubber, once deployed, swells up to 4 times its size and protects the building from all kinds of hydrostatic perils one could imagine. The advantage of using Kryptonite rubber is that it involves controlled swelling which in turn protects the building from developing any further cracks or voids.

The aforementioned top construction chemicals that are used in waterproofing are widely used and are reliable. For scoring these chemicals, contact the construction manufacturers in Delhi NCR and make the most out of their products!

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