The Australia attracts more international students from around the world as there are top 7 universities in the world as per the QS world rankings. The Australian education system is well known for the strong reputation and the global recognition. More than 30 Australian universities are among the top 800 universities in the world. After US and UK, Australia is very popular among the international students as Australia is famous for its world-class education and also students have options to stay back after completing their education in Australia or come back to their home country. Studying in Australia that will include the tuition fee and the living expenses are very high. A bachelor’s degree in Australia will cost at least 60 lakhs and a master’s degree will cost 30 to 50 lakh. Students who want to study abroad in Australia usually select the program that will help them to work in Australia after completing their studies. The government in Australia makes few changes in the visa rules as well as the skilled occupation list to improve the facilities in Australia.
The Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) is applicable for General Experienced migration visas - Subclass 189, Subclass 489 and Subclass 485 visa applications.
Here is the list of the programs that an international student can study in Australia, so that they can have opportunities for post-study work as well as jobs in Australia.

• Accountancy: The core programs of Accountancy and Professional Accounting are very popular among the international students as on completing the course, they can work as Tax Accountant and Management Accountant. The masters or Ph.D. programs in Australia are listed on the MLTSSL list and students with Masters in Professional Accounting (MPA) have better job opportunities in 2018 and 2019.

• Actuarial Science: The masters in Australia assesses financial risks in the finance, insurance and all other sectors that uses mathematical and Statistical methods. This field involves computer science, mathematics, finance, economics and statistics. The Actuaries are often required to study and examine the possibilities of risk in a financial activity and mitigate the risks associated. The actuarial science is applicable in Life insurance and pension plans.

• Agricultural Sciences: There are many good career opportunities for Agricultural scientists, forestry consultants and agricultural consultants in Australia. This program is also included in the SOL list.

• Architecture: As 90% of the population in Australia lives in the rural setup and hence, the Architects, Landscape Architects are in more demand in Australia.

• Biomedical Engineering: Also known as Bio-engineering program includes subjects from human biology, engineering, technical and analytical skill sets. Development of systems and devices takes place using this field to solve clinical problems using diagnosis and therapies are majorly involved in this field. Also, biomedical engineering plays an important role in improving, rehabilitation and compensation for disabilities and injuries.

• Core Engineering (Civil & structural Engineering and Construction Project Management): With the developing and growing civilization and economic development around the world, there is high demand of the civil engineers as houses, malls, dams, highways and commercial spaces are being constructed every year. As civil engineering is a core branch there are more opportunities in the fields of property & building, transportation, marine & water, energy and environmental engineering.

• Computer Science & Information Technology (IT): There are many career opportunities in Computer Science & Information Technology and with some hands on experience students can be offered higher salary packages in all fields.

Psychology: The program includes study of human behavior and mind that holds all traits of the conscious and unconscious knowledge along with the thought process. The studies can be applied in the day today lifestyles, work, family, sports and industries.

• Tourism & Hospitality Management: Australia is well known for its natural beauty, dreamland, landscapes and beaches are the major tourist attractions around the world.

• Business Management & Business (Data) Analytics: Business Analytics are highly in demand and is one of the fastest growing field with exciting career opportunities. Students gain enhance their analytical and quantitative skills with more use of data, statistics and quantitative analysis and fact-based management.

• Medicine (Specialists): As there is a huge requirement of doctors in Australia as well as around the world. This program is on the MLTSSL list.

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