The saying goes it takes over 9 months to put on pregnancy weight and will take over 9 months to lose; yet if you too, like so many new mothers, are struggling to shift those excess lbs then the following tips can help.

1. Make time for yourself

It is tempting to snack on the go when you become a mum, yet by eating all day long – and on the wrong foods – this can make losing body fat complicated and may even trigger weight gain. As a result try to set time aside for yourself where you can pre-cooks meals for the next day and make sure you are eating healthy.

2. Go for a walk

Taking your child for a stroll to your local park or into the city, or meeting family for a drink can all help to exercise those limbs and get you exercising. The weight of your baby and pram in particular is good for exercising muscles and will make your body to exercise harder.

3. Cook from scratch

Avoid the temptation of cooking ready made supermarket meals and aim to create your own meals. Most ready meals are filled with fat and salt which can quickly bump up your calorie content. As a result attempt to make your own meals from scratch as this will allow you to monitor your calorie consumption more effectively. NOTE: if you are finding it difficult to make time to cook, set some time aside for yourself to cook in bulk. Using your fridge freezer, you can split up these pre-cooked snacks and eat during the week.

4. Join the leisure centre

Now we are not talking about spending an hour on the treadmill here. You can make attending the gym fun for you and your baby by going swimming at least once a week. Swimming is an incredible way to workout your whole body and have fun with your child, without overworking your limbs.

5. Experiment with breastfeeding

You may find the idea of breastfeeding time consuming, especially when your baby needs milk every 2-3 hours; however breastfeeding has been proven to use up up to 500 calories a day (or between 200 and 600 calories).

6. Exercise with friends

Going for walks or attending an exercise class with a mate is an incredible way to keep yourself focused and guarantee that you exercise often. Advice: if you are feeling self conscious about your body, why not ask another mother to attend with you and use each other as inspiration.

Losing body weight after having a baby doesn’t have to be complicated or tiresome. Use any of the listed strategies in your routine and you can successfully get in shape.

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