Magento is the most popular and secure E-commerce platform. According to a survey, there are 141,907 websites that are based on Magento. It provides a wide range of features to the developers such as built-in themes, powerful admin experience, and manage cloud solutions.

Due to its high tech features, this platform has turned out to be the most preferred choice of the developers.

Magento has the ability to transform the shopping experience by delivering out of box functionality. It helps to boost sales and improve your brand image across the globe.

Let us know more about Magento development services.

Features of Magento E-commerce Platform

Manage multi-stores

This is the foremost reason that turns Magento into the most preferred choice of the businesses. It allows you to create and manage multiple online stores from a single dashboard. Magento saves a lot of time for owners and offers a hassle-free opportunity to manage multiple businesses with a single dashboard.

Even entities can target different regions with different stores such as can run an English store, a French store, and a German store.

Open Source & Huge Community Support

Magento development is based on an open-source technology, which turns it totally free of cost. Apart from this, developers have the power to alter or modify the code as per their requirements. This also leads to the support of the huge community, which helps to turn the solution secure and up to date.

High Performance

Among several features, Magento E-commerce platform is popular for its high performance. It helps to reduce the time of loading the web pages and other query processing. This platform offers numerous extensions that are used for customization purposes.

Third Party Integration Support

Magento offers easy integration with third party services. It allows easy integration to third party modules. Now, it is required that the website should be based on enriching features, for developers to integrate each functionality from scratch can turn out to be a daunting task.

With third party integration service, they are able to integrate features such as payment gateways, tracking, and shipping services with only a single code. However, it is the most convenient way and less time-consuming process to integrate several features into one platform.


Magento is a flexible platform, developers are able to modify the platform as per their requirement. They can alter the inbuilt features anytime and from anywhere.

The Magento based features can be added, edit, and delete as per your project requirements, which helps you to meet with your expectations and increase user experience.

Payment options

It offers an opportunity for your customers to pay bills easily. This platform supports almost all popular payment methods, which includes Amazon payment, Google checkout,, and Paypal. Customers can pay bills easily without any hassle.

Mobile friendly

In the mobility pace, it is essential that the website should be user-friendly with mobile phones also. As now no one prefers to carry laptops and work on the desktop. Magento is incorporated with multiple HTML5 capabilities which provides high performance.


These are the top features of Magento which turn it into a unique and most preferable platform for the users.

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