Any idea about the true colour of moissanite stones?
Well. They are nearly colourless.

But in reality, the stones are no less lovely than diamond engagement rings.

You can compare the moissanite stones with other common gemstones. And this particular one will stand out and hold your attention. Moreover, this stone has some impressive features as well.
Let’s explore the features.


First of all, the moissanite is more brilliant than other popular gemstones. People only have the idea that diamond is the only brilliant stone.

But did you check moissanite engagement ring Australia? How do the stones shine? They, in fact, are far bright than diamond rings. Even the brilliance refractive index has admired it.

No color change

Besides, you may worry about the change of color when you have other gemstones. But moissanite will keep you free of such worries. Moissanite may have a temporary color change, but the color will be restored.

It happens when the stone encounters extreme heat. However, the color neutralizes once it is cool.

Superior durability

Generally, usual gemstones like ruby, sapphire, emerald, diamonds, etc., are easily breakable. When they undergo pressure, they cannot tolerate it.

Thus, they break into pieces. But surprisingly, moissanite is a highly durable stone. It is not easily breakable. Further, the stone is resistant to abrasion and scratch. Some of the sellers will issue lifetime warranties for those.

Easy Maintenance

Moreover, maintenance of moissanite stones is simple. The cleaning method is identical to the other gemstones. Use a commercial cleaner or mild soap water.

Do not forget to use a soft toothbrush to rub the dust and dirt. Once the cleaning is done, wash the stone with clean water and dry it. This is the best maintenance process that will keep the stone sparkling.

They aren’t tacky

At the same time, moissanite stones are not tacky at all. They are friendly to the environment and attractive as well with a lower price.

Based on the features stated above, you can get moissanite engagement rings. The stones are clear, solid and longer-lasting.

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