Android is one of the favorite mobile operating systems that smartphone users around the world adore. Every mobile app development company worth its name closely follows the developments relating to the trends in Android. Google does a pretty well job of updating its mobile operating system on regular interviews.

Let us review the latest Android app development trends.

Payment through Mobiles:
The world has moved on from the regular methods of payment to paying online through mobile phones. An amount of $118 billion is estimated to have changed hands via the online payment transactions by the end of this year. The concept of online payments flourished the market with the advent of Google Pay and Android Pay.

With the increase in Android App Development, online payments have also flourished. Google has also made some contribution for the easement of online payment by tying up with Braintree. Online banking is the perfect example of Android payment transactions.

Android Instant Apps:
Android instant apps allow Android users to run your apps instantly without even installing it. With the help of this feature, the Android users experience the things they love the most about apps. With the help of Android Instant Apps, the users can use fast user interface, high performance, and high capabilities.

The instant App would not be downloaded to your portable device in full size, only a single part of it will be installed. Users who deploy only Instant Apps will be less engaged in the active use of the application. Thus, they won’t be interested in new updates. You can test instant Apps today if you use the latest version of Android which is 7.0 (Nougat). But for the future, the Instant Apps will be supported by all the versions of Android including 4.1.

Android App Security:
We are present in the time where the App store is flooded with countless Applications and not to forget the estimated thousands of apps that are being created each day. In some cases, the breaching of the security can cause issues for us like for instance the health fitness apps. In this way, not only our wallet but also physically we are under threat.

According to an estimate, it has been quoted that around 50% to 60% of the transactions all around the world are dealt with on phones. It causes cyber threats along with thefts, that is why the application developers are very cautious. They are keeping the safety features of the applications as a top priority.

Augmented Reality (AR):
Augmented reality might not be as exciting as virtual reality roller coaster ride, but it has been creating influence in our everyday lives. Utility apps might be of great value nowadays, but Augmented Reality (AR) is the target sector for the incoming future.

Augmented Reality Apps do not limit themselves to only the entertainment and the gaming sector, but it also influences the fields of education, GPS, online marketing, instant messaging and location tracking.

Android AI Assistance:
Impressing the modern society with artificial intelligence is tough. However, they only see the things that they want to look at. We use voice Recognition and chatbots on our mobile phones. It is the work of artificial intelligence. Game developers are adding more and more AI into their games to better the gaming experience.

Solving impossible tasks has been made easy with the help of artificial intelligence. For example, IBM Watson can address jobs that are merely impossible for the human minds to perform. The development of artificial intelligence is moving forward at a very high speed.

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