One of the mother’s dilemma after the baby reaches 6 months is what to feed her baby. Nowadays, there are many instant and readily available baby foods in the market that claimed to be “nutritious” but as a matter of fact making homemade baby foods is much more beneficial since most of the nutrients that are found in the vegetable or fruits that you will be using will not be lost after simple processing. But the main problem is what are the best foods that fit for your babies needs? So here are our top five best baby foods that are very beneficial to your baby plus are very accessible in the groceries and even markets.
Squash. This vegetable has a bright orange color, gives an excellent source of carotene and also a good source of vitamin A, C and B1; fiber and potassium. Aside from these benefits, squash is a sweet and creamy vegetable that your baby would really love to eat.
Avocado. This fruit provides almost 20 essential nutrients and is a loaded source of unsaturated fat. This kind of fat is a helpful fat since it is very significant for normal growth and development of your baby’s brain and central nervous system. Avocado has also a smooth and creamy consistency that babies really wanted.
Prunes. Has an very good source of phenolic compounds and pro-vitamin A. Prunes also include a mass of other important minerals like iron, antioxidants and calcium that keep your baby’s body from the damages of free radicals. This is another fruit that offers a lot of fibers and a substance named sorbitol that is responsible in relieving constipation of babies. Since in this age mothers offer solid foods for their babies, prunes if of a good help.
Broccoli. Packed with vitamin C, potassium, calcium and folate. This is also a very rich source of fiber that could cure almost all kinds of stomach problems since fiber forms just like a bulk of food that retains water and makes the bowels. Broccoli also has sulfur compounds that give your babies a unique flavor that could widen his taste buds.

Blueberries. Filled with fiber, vitamin C antioxidants and is low in calories. This also contains a substance called anthocyanin that helps baby’s urinary tract, eyes and brains development. This can also hinder the formation of cancer cells as well as could stop it from proliferating.

These are some of the fruits and vegetable that can be found everywhere that could help your baby’s development. These kinds of foods are readily available in the market. All you need to do is wash them properly and process it to the consistency you wanted. Offering these kinds of foods to your babies could help him expand his taste buds and also could give him much more nutrients. Aside from that, this is also a way for your babies to look awesome in picture and could bring him to stardom through joining baby photo contest and other related competition.

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