Jewelry forms part of the attire for lots of people. If you feel unfinished without a couple pieces on at any given day, you almost certainly have a collection of jewels to match your attire. It's reasonable then for you to take better care of your jewels by cleaning them routinely, so as to keep them looking like new. The good news is, this is easy to do. There are two tips on how to go about it: you can take your jewelry to your trusted jeweler in your neighborhood for cleaning or you can perform the cleaning by yourself.

Your local jeweler has all the essential precious jewelry cleaning gear at their store, and are glad if you stop by. They are typically experienced jewelers and handle all types of jewels. In addition to cleaning your jewels for you, they'll give you advice on how to keep your jewelry in perfect condition. Your neighborhood jeweler serves customers within their local area. They really are a part of the local community and have established a sizable repeat-client base, typically because of their superior quality of service.

In the mean time, here are a couple basic guidelines that will greatly assist in keeping your jewelry in good shape:

1. Use only genuine cleansing solutionsNot all the materials are friendly on your jewels. Only use high-quality jewelry cleaning products and materials. These are typically easily obtainable at your hometown trusted jewelry store at cost effective rates. They usually sell everything, from cleansing agents to cleaning cloths and storage containers.

2. Toothbrush miracles

You can get your jewels sparkling again with the help of an old toothbrush. Due to the hardwearing characteristics of diamond, it can stand up to the gentle probes of soft bristles on a toothbrush. The brush will be able to get through to all corners of the diamond piece without making any marks.

However, other jewels are not as tough and robust as diamond and may get marks or crack when cleaned with a brush or any other like materials. Seek advice from the jewelers at the store for suggestions about what to use and what not to use for each special piece you have.

3. Utilize jewelry cleansing cloths appropriately

Jewels are designed to be cleansed using specialized, delicate, cleansing clothes offered by a local jewelry store. Just use a fresh cloth to clean every piece, because used cloths may have scrapes which could discolor and damage your jewelry further.

4. Avoid using chlorine bleach to clean your jewels

As an oxidant, bleach responds to metals and often will result in your pieces weaker.

5. Pat all fine jewelry totally dry prior to storing. Keep in mind, make sure you stop by a local jeweler on a semi-annual time frame to get all your prongs and clasps looked at to ensure that they are in good condition. It’s complimentary (and they’ll often even get your jewelry cleaned for you, as well).

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